Small Grants: Greeting Nouns – A Noun for every occasion


Greeting Nouns is an experimental attempt to encourage the celebration of life’s most important moments using Nounish NFTs. OG Nouns, Lil Nouns, Synthetic Nouns and most NFT projects are designed to be collected. Greeting Nouns are designed to be gifted and used for celebration, expression and communication.


  • How it works
    • Select occasion (message)
    • Customize glasses, head, body and background
    • Add a personal note (stored on chain)
    • Send to recipient via Email, Phone, Ethereum address or ENS
    • Recipient unwraps and sees NFT card
  • Occasions (heads)
    • Birthday
    • Thank you
    • Congratulations
    • Anniversary
    • Wedding
    • Thank you
    • Get well
    • Baby
    • Congrats
    • Love
    • Sympathy
    • Etc.
  • Customizable properties
    • Message (optional)
    • Glasses
    • Head
    • Body
    • Background
  • Bonus scope creep
    • Accessory property /(i.e. candles, confetti, heart, etc,)/
    • Nounish unboxing
    • International holidays
    • Nounish LP
  • Other NFT details
    • Name: Greeting Nouns
    • Description: A Noun for every occasion.
    • Chain: Ethereum
    • Cost: TBD. Maybe .01 or .05 … something low cost to encourage sharing.


The design will follow the guidelines. They will feel like the missing “Occasion Nouns”. The layout will fall somewhere between Nouns and Lil Nouns (Medium Nouns if you will) to make room for optional messages (most greeting cards have messages).


Concept, design, and development will take us < 2 weeks.

  • Week 0 (7/18) Define concept, prototype and get feedback
  • Week 1 (7/25) Design assets in figma and get feedback
  • Week 2 (8/1) Finalize, dev and launch


How Greetings Proliferate Nouns?

  • Greeting Nouns associate Nouns to the most special moments in our lives including birthdays, weddings, new babies, congratulations, holidays and more.
  • Greeting Nouns expand the Nouns community by making it easy for users to send Nouns to friends and family who may or may not be aware of the Nouns community.
  • Greeting Nouns expand the Web3 community as a whole by making it easy for users to send to non-Web3 users via phone or email on Maindrop.


We are Jayme, Mike, Krishna, Antoni and Yaroslav, the team behind Maindrop , an easy way to send NFTs to anyone with an Email, Phone or ETH/ENS and Sweetheartz , a Valentine’s Day candy heart NFT project. We’ve shipped NFT tooling, 4 collections, and have 6 more in the queue. We are YC alum, we’ve worked together for 6 years, have sold companies and have built dozens of consumer apps used by 100M+ people.

Funds Requested

Note: We and our Nounish friends think Greeting Nouns are a ton of fun. We’re proceeding regardless. A small grant would help us take the designs to the next level.

  • Design: 5.5 days
    • Concept 1 day
    • Prototype 2 days
    • Feedback .5 day
    • Finalize 2 days
  • Dev: 1-3 days
  • Total: 6-8 days
    Funds requested: 5 ETH

Special Thanks

Thanks to Krishna for kicking off draft, Krel.eth for recommended the proposal and Soondooboop.eth for feedback :pray: