Small Grants: ETHiopia - Free Ethereum Development Bootcamp in Addis Ababa

What is the project

The ETHiopia Bootcamp is a free, Ethereum development bootcamp lasting four weeks, located in Addis Ababa. Our aim is to teach 10-15 participants how to write Solidity smart contracts and create dApps on the Ethereum platform. This bootcamp is facilitated by experienced developers with a significant background in teaching.

Our primary objective is to fortify the existing Ethereum community in Ethiopia, particularly in Addis Ababa, and foster stronger connections between the Ethiopian and Balkan communities. We envision those who successfully complete the bootcamp to further disseminate this knowledge by teaching subsequent cohorts, as well as organizing gatherings and meetups in their local communities.

I have previously achieved similar success in Serbia in 2016, when I taught unemployed individuals how to become Frontend developers for free. Within a year, the course had spread to several different cities in Serbia, and I found myself teaching other developers to instruct and utilize the program that I had created.

You can find more info about the bootcamp here:

This project is public good and all materials will be open sourced.

How it will proliferate Nouns (or already has)

This initiative should bring more people into the crypto/web3 space, which will ultimately benefit everyone already involved. While 10-15 participants might not seem significant initially, we shouldn’t underestimate the potential ripple effect.

The ‘butterfly effect’, as it’s often referred to, suggests that even a small change can make much larger impacts down the line. So, each individual we educate and inspire can go on to teach others, exponentially increasing our reach over time.

We will also proudly display on all material (website, social posts, t-shirts, etc…) Nouns as supporters of the project.

How much upfront funding you want, if the projects completed the committee will decide on if/how much retro funds are given

3 ETH we ask from Nouns DAO.

We are planing to ask from Ethereum Foundation Ecosystem Support Program to cover the rest

We need 14k euro in total for the whole project which includes 4 plane tickets for three teachers and one mentor from Serbia to Ethiopia, accommodation for four weeks in Addis Ababa, costs of course creation, t-shirts printing, budget for there (buying snacks and juices for classes)…


Amazing to see nouns touchdown in the political capital of Africa

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