Small Grants: Documenting 1-click-install

Many folks are struggling with how to fork the nouns-monorepo. I have been contacted by close to a dozen people who are interested, but don’t know where to start. github shows 193 forks of the nouns-monorepo, and I am curious how many of them succeeded.

I have been working through the process myself, and have kept very rough notes, which I have published here:

I am requesting 1.5eth to cover retroactive time and expenses, and moving forward:

  • to setup a google sheet for users to copy and collect information as they go (setting up accounts at alchemy, infura, etc.)
  • time and expenses to build this article out with graphics and videos
  • to keep my programmer on board for a few more weeks
  • get started on my next step, removing the fomo code.

I am also requesting that someone who knows what they are doing look at it to make sure that I have it right, especially the NETLIFY_USE_YARN variable. :blush:

If anyone is aware of a repo that skips fomo, it would be awesome to know!


Thanks so much for all you do!

My programmer and I are very backed up. We are working on three projects with Nounish WP themes that will pass along to NounPress (I am working with Oxigami and Benbodhi and we are in touch with the design team).

Additionally, we are working on front ends for future projects Nouns4Teachers and co2cult.

Finally, my DMs are blowing up with questions about front end deployment, and I have very little understanding at this point. I have been doing support for decades, but need a deeper understanding and and to have support myself, before I can be effective for the community.

However, none of these projects are funded/have well developed proposals. The 1.5 eth ask for this will allow us to do this article, and would reimburse a bit of my programmer costs. To get a sense of scope, operations for full time, if I had 2 programmers and a part time but amazing design/marketing person would be 6-8eth per month. In 3 months, I could:

  • complete a series of articles for complete front end setup (perhaps followed by some about specific customizations)
  • complete co2cult and Nouns4Teachers front ends
  • complete a WP auction front end (talking with Oxi and Benbodhi - Zora API just dropped!)
  • Prep the WP themes for integration into NounPress

Someday I will prop for the Nouns Digital Laboratory, Virginia Beach. A Nounish Building Retreat Center. :slight_smile: