Small grants: cc0 Sundays

Hey everyone,

I wanted to follow up on cc0 Sundays - a pilot I ran that was partially funded with prophouse round 4 (Prop House)


For context, cc0 sundays was funded as a pilot with prophouse round 4. Irrespective of receiving prophouse funding, I was already creating and planning to do 6 weeks worth of content to see how the community received it - Prophouse was successful and the 2 eth was put towards compensating time in creating this content.

The full 6 episodes can be found in the playlist below and the feedback on them have been overwhelmingly positive across YT, twitter and discord comments (

Some stats on cc0 Sundays:
Total twitter impressions: 9743
Total views (YT + Twitter): 3330
Average weekly views: 555

Moving forward, I wanted to apply for small grants funding for 10 more weeks of videos, which covers 4 episodes in July + August, and 2 episodes in September.

For context, each episode takes about 3.5 hours to produce, split into the following steps:

  • Search + curate content
  • Record video/audio
  • Video editing
  • Publish + push across my socials

Whether this is funded in the near future or not with small grants, I am still pushing out weekly episodes. however, I wanted to apply for small grants funding.

I am applying for 6 eth for 10 more weeks worth of content + publishing to channels. I’m happy to be flexible with funding as well, and timeline.

Full disclosure: I have also applied with the lil noun prophouse for follow on funding for cc0 sundays, which, if successful, will give 1 eth.

Looking forward to hearing back and seeing everyone’s thoughts.


hey atareh, SG discussed this, we would fund you with 1 ETH to continue the work you were doing for 2 weeks, and then we can revisit how it’s going then. how’s that sound?

Hey @noun22

Yeah that’s totally fine by me! If you have any feedback on the content, style etc, let me know as well!