Small Grants: Adventure club Uruguay is requesting 15.24 ETH to organize an adventure race the 22nd of January 2023 at punta del este, Uruguay


Adventure club Uruguay is requesting 15.24 ETH to organize an adventure race the 22nd of January 2023 at punta del este, Uruguay.


Adventure Club Uruguay (Instagram: adventurecluburuguay) is soliciting funding for an adventure race “Adventure Race Uruguay-Nouns” which involves people with a goal in common and promotes health and nature preservation.

This will be the second time this annual event will be held, the race will take place at Punta del Este, Uruguay the 22nd of January 2023.

Adventure Club Uruguay is trekking club founded by Daniel Guacci (Instagram: daniel_guacci) in 2020. Dani has been involved in adventure racing for almost 20 years and enjoys trail walking, mountain bike rappel, etc. The aim of the club is to promote health and enjoy the wildlife of our country.

Besides Dani, Mariano Bonet (maritobtc on Twitter) is the second person in charge of the race and media/proposal/ETH adress . Marito discovered crypto in 2016 and has been captivated by this world ever since. On top of this, he participated in many of Danis adventures !

Adventure racing is a primarily off-road sport that combines two or more athletic disciplines such as cross-country-trekking, mountain bike, rowing/canoeing/rafting and hiking or canopy. The racers need to form duo teams to help/motivate each other and serve as a first-aid line for the teammate. Since AR is a navigation sport, teams navigate by compass (GPS is not allowed) using a map that indicates the location of checkpoints. Most races are “point-to-point,” meaning that teams must obtain all checkpoints in order to qualify. The trails tend to be in natural unfamiliar places thus helping people get out of their comfort zone and value the natural resources that the country offers and how important it is to preserve them.


The event will be covered on mainstream TV as well as social media from various countries. We have agreed with “Subete a mi moto” people for them to cover the event again for free, while RunFit asked as for a down payment.

This are two examples of last year´s TV coverage:

  -  “Subete a mi moto“

   -  “Run Fit”

Regarding social media, some accounts covering the race include:
Asociacion Uruguaya de corredores (AUCA), personal social media, club de aventureros del este, xc adventure race, chips adventure, RunFit, Intendencia de Maldonado, Scott bikes, Sumitate, etc.

Each participant needs to wear nouns shirts and will need to take a picture with nouns glasses in every checkpoint, the pictures will be reposted via social media and TV. The donation for schools will be presented by nouns and distributed by Maldonado’s city hall (we have already met with authorities to make this a possibility).

During the technical meetup for the racers we will give an insight about Nouns and Web 3 in this talk participants are going to learn about the future of web3 and potential of DAOs to democratize decision taking. Nouns team is invited to present the project.


In case the community grants the full funding, participants will not have to buy the ticket for the race, but instead they will be required to bring a donation which will be destined to the Maldonado’s city hall which will be in charge of donating it to local schools. Otherwise the race requires a ticket as last year´s edition.

The race will require an amount of 15.24 ETH (detailed cost is listed below).

*UYU refers to Uruguayan pesos.

The cost of the Nouns shirts will be of 0,016-0,023 ETH each for a total of 200 Nouns shirts. 3.1 ETH.

  • Marketing: Instagram Facebook 0.078 ETH per week for ads for 5 weeks total 0.39 ETH.
  • Tv RunFit coverage : 15000 UYU (0.30 ETH).
  • Photographer: 8000 UYU (0.16 ETH)
  • Drone and Picture editing 24500 UYU (0.49 ETH).
    Staff for the event 0,078 ETH each for a total (15 people) of 1.2 ETH.
  • Nouns Race ending arch : 5 ETH .
  • Organization: 2.3 ETH each for both organizers (Dani and Marito) total amount 4.6 ETH.

Adress Adventure Club Uruguay

ETHEREUM : 0x78f0dbBA079e851D87a1c7Cf6A9B5ad8E99551cf

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