Small Grants: Active Globe

Hey All, We’ve been busy over the last month re-branding our student facing web app known as Active Globe in a nounish way; See it live at

What is Active Globe

Active Globe allows students and individuals to select a distance based goal on a real world Google Map. Once they pick the start and end locations, for example Melbourne and Sydney, they get exercising by either walking, running, cycling or swimming. As they complete these activities they log them in their dashboard and watch as they move towards their destination on the real Map. Active Globe is the only service on the planet that turns your physical activity into a world travel experience. Taking you around the globe to complete your fitness goals and providing opportunties for you to learn about the places you visit as you go.

Current Users
See the following statistics for users engaged in active globe currently prior to the nounish rebrand

Here’s how it works

  1. Student planned journeys.

  2. Log your activity

  1. View your progress

Why do we need funding?

We have plans to extend the nouns into all facets of the web app and would like to start by updating the web apps UI into a full noun experience. We’d also like to do the following

  1. Add in the nouns SDK allowing users to create a noun that becomes their own in app avatar replacing the current ‘upload your pic’
  2. A teacher resources center that provides content to help students understand the nouns DAO
  3. Add in Chat GPT that allows teachers to create questions, lesson plans and prompts for student learning based on the location they are at. This would make the experience cross curricular; See example below of how this would work

Budget and funding request

We request 2.5 ETH to allow us to finalise the development of the active globe rebrand and build in the rest of the features mentioned above.


Jarrod Robinson - The PE Geek

The PE Geek is a physical education teacher and digital learning specialist from Australia. He is passionate about making physical education more engaging and meaningful for students everywhere. This includes web and mobile apps that help teachers globally improve their practice. His apps, tools and lesson content are used by millions of students yearly.

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