Small Grants: A nounish project for stray cats and dogs

Nouns Furrytails
Maybe it’s time to make something nounish for animals too. :slight_smile:

For the past months, every 2nd week of the month I roam around our city to feed stray cats and dogs. I’ve already brought home 2 stray cats and hoping I can give more home for the rest of them, and this is the thing that I am not capable of. So, I thought of making this proposal because I want to not just feed stray cats and dogs, but also to give them home. I will be partnering with Feeding Strays PH, they are known for feeding and helping strays with health problems. They even helped in rescuing stray cats and dogs that are scheduled for euthanasia. As the time pass by, it is getting harder for them to give homes to these stray cats and dogs because they are a nonprofit organization, and always looking for funds. I consulted them, and asked for the things that they need.

We would like to ask for a total of 2 ETH:

1 ETH for :

  • dog food
  • cat food
  • milk
  • food and water bowls
  • toys
  • rennovating the room where the rescues cats and dogs stay
  • new cages
  • materials used for catching stray cats and dogs

1 ETH for :

  • Vetnoderm Soap - for rescued cats and dogs with scabies
  • Vetnoderm Cream - for rescued cats and dogs with scabies
  • Wound spray - for rescued cats and dogs with wounds
  • Nematocide Liquid - for deworming
  • Papi Scour/LC Scour - for cats and dogs experiencing diarrhea
  • LC Dox - Antibiotics
  • Broncure - for rescues with cough and cold
  • Bravecto/Nexgard - for tick and fleas

(Photos from Feeding Strays PH)

Aside from this, I also want to promote “Adopt, don’t shop.” Make posters of this and help the strays to find a place that they can truly call their home before Christmas comes.

Strays have no home to feel safe and be loved. They sleep on hot pavements or cold floors or muddy places. They can’t sleep well, for at any given time, they can be caught, or doused with hot water, or hit with any hard object to drive them away. They have no food or clean water. They scavenge in garbage piles for food scrap, and eat even spoiled food. They drink water from canals. Every moment, they do their best to survive. I also wanna do my best to help them survive. Help me make something nounish for these lovely animals!

Behind is @kimmydeuk
Collaborating with Feeding Strays PH


Hey I love this idea. Is there a process to neuter?