Small Grant: Nouns Digital Sneaker

What is the project

My Company, Joyfa, an NFT ecosystem company recently launched a digital sneaker minting platform, “Freedom” where NFT collectors can paste their NFT image on a white sneaker and mint it as another NFT for free on Polygon. Since our launch on the 1st of August, more than 1,000 Freedom digital sneakers have been minted. The owners will also be able to display and wear their sneaker on Joyfa’s AR tool launching later this year.

Freedom Website: Freedom | Joyfa

We would like to take this opportunity to propose a “Nouns” inspired digital sneaker compatible with Freedom. The sneaker will have a yellow and orange glass with a black sole and white belt. The upper will be pasted with NFT images collectors own. (The design can be modified based on feedback.)

3D Sample: nouns

How it will proliferate Nouns (or already has)

Community is about identity, and fashion collectibles play a pivotal role in building one’s sense of it. We believe that a Nouns NFT owner will be able to have an increased sense of belonging to the Nouns community by having a personalized Nouns sneaker. As a result, this will further strengthen the overall Nouns community and has the potential to reach new audiences.


5.5 ETH

  • 1.5 ETH for 3D modeling
  • 2.5ETH fo system development
  • 1ETH for NFT minting and IPFS hosting
  • 0.5 ETH for promotional video

Hi, please let me know if anyone has a question or feedback! :wink: