Small Grant: A Nounify day at local autism School

Title: A Nounify day at local autism School

tl;dr = A nounified volunteering campaign focus on community service targeting children with autism

To organize a visit to autism school in Singapore. Execute a simple games day for the children as well as gifting them nounish gift bags to encourage them on their studies.
Gift bags will consist of 30 Days of Nouns - By Messhup, Coloring materials, Noggle stickers.
Gift bag itself double up as a nounish merch.

Nounsinsg will reach out to local autism school to plan/organize this visit. There will be a few mini game stations planned out as simple engagement points for the children. A total of 100 gift bags will then be given out at the end to conclude the visit.

Gift bags will be hand packed prior to the visit; distribution of gift bags will commence directly at the school. Event will be photographed, photos will then be uploaded for NounsDAO community usage under this thread.

Looking to execute this around mid Oct’2022

1. Jenga
This game will be able to help children build up their decision marking skills as well as improve their hand-to-eye coordination

2. Simon Says
This game aim to help the children, interact, communicate and listen to instructions. To improve their social skills. It also serve as a form of indoor exercise.

3. Musical Chair
This game induce dance elements which is great for self-expression. Incorporating music into the game, give the children’s brain a boost of endorphins, which will help them to relax. This game also help in their social skills.

4. Art
This station will allow the children to express their creativity by having them come together and doodle on a huge piece of paper. They will collectively create a master piece together. This also double up as a sensory activities.

Benefits to the DAO
Charity works are recurring and nounish, such campaign could serve as catalyze bringing people’s attention to certain community that require aid. With more nounish volunteer/charity work happening, the butterfly effect that can happen from a single prop is unimaginable. It also showcases the global power of crypto incentive engineering with NounsDAO taking the lead.

Funds Breakdown

Description Item Qty Ask
Gift bags Tote Bag 100 $550.00 0.4
Coloring Book 30 Days of Nouns 100 $1,780.00 1.2
Coloring Material Color Pencil/Crayons 100 $350.00 0.2
Game props Assorted 1 $150.00 0.1
Transport / Logistic - 1 $300.00 0.2
Photographer - 1 $225.00 0.15
Total $3,355.00 2.2
*ETH = USD1,500

A total ask of 2.2ETH or USD3,355 equivalent

Nounsinsg will be in charge of operations, concept, graphic designs, Nounish goodies production

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thanks, sounds great and this is no doubt a great cause. you have done a great job on your last two proposals (beach clean up and comex sg booth) so i’d love to keep things going

the only question i have - do you and your team have a relationship with the school? do you have experience doing anything like this before? i just would want to ensure this comes off as genuine and is a fun event that everyone enjoys, as opposed to an NFT publicity stunt (not suggesting it is… just looking for a little more background info)


Hi @noun22, thanks for the compliment. Am humbled and very grateful for the support and chance given to contribute.

There isn’t a long standing relationship with the school per say. Yes, we have organized similar volunteer events before as part of our school’s charity work. Fully organized and executed by us.

100% agreed, we do not want to come off as a NFT publicity stunt as well, thus Nounsinsg will be approaching the autism school with the sole purpose of giving back and serving the autism community.
We too want the children to have fun and enjoy the event. The games were also curated to provide certain learning benefits to the children.


ok cool, lets do it. we’ll fund this… please keep us posted on how it goes


Thank you @noun22 and NSFW for supporting this prop.
Will provide update as this prop progress / execute / conclude.