Settlement Fees, Gas Reimbursement, Travel as Business Expenses?


I am curious about how business expenses work within the #nouniverse.

Gas fees, settlement costs, and high deployment costs are preventing builders from building and buyers from buying. Which, is standing in the way of more projects becoming self-funded, and the smaller new DAOs from thriving.

There is a level of complete separation between the builder and the business entity. Which, i love. But, I wonder if there is hidden treasure in that gap.

I can definitely see travel and deployment costs as business expenses. Could settlement costs and gas reimbursements also fall into this category?

Right now, builders are putting in bajillions of props all over the place to try to get covered for these things. And most, never receive it. Theoretically, some may be receiving it multiple times by putting the same prop into multiple prop.houses. And, people are just not buying NFTs right now due to gas.

I wonder if we could have a separate funding source for things that clearly qualify as business expense write offs. Some examples might be:

  • i traveled to xyz and proliferated like crazy.
  • i spent 0.5eth in gas fees for minting Nounish NFTs in March
  • i spent 1.5eth in March settling Nounish Auctions

It would not work for travel, but for the rest, perhaps we could setup a system where they provide the transaction link on ehtherscan and a few other fields and voila! We could build towards automatically verifying that it is Nounish, and reimburse in real time. hahaha. i dream big!

If it doesn’t work at that high a level, perhaps it is something that derivative projects could look at for their communities.

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we do this for the culture! expenses are written off with passion :grinning:

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