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Nouns Press Corps’ work is already creating a 430% return on investment and earning press by providing journalists’ with what they need, as well as an entry / point of contact for Nouns. No to mention partnering with props like Nouns Esports, Nouns Comics, OTG, Nounish Videos, Stoopid Buddy, and more.

Why it matters: The average monthly number of articles published covering Nouns in the first year was ten (10) articles, yet we smashed those efforts with thirty-one (43) articles, because we met journalists on their terms. We don’t want to lose this momentum as our funding is now exhausted.

Zoom in:

  • We built an encompassing press list with journalists’ personal contact info.
  • Then we took a personalized approach– reaching out to journalists and their outlets. E.g. multiple outlets thanked us for our proactive outreach as they were finding it difficult to connect to Nouns – including a large industry news outlet who wanted us to know Nouns is nominated for DAO of the Year, at their award show! :rotating_light:Not public alpha yet, announcement coming.
  • Then actively coordinated on potential future press opportunities.
  • Finally we built the web presence on Nouns.Center dedicated to press (iteration 1.1).

Request: We seek to transition from a weekend volunteer operation to a part-time, fair market priced, paid effort at a budget of $11,190 per month for a 3-month pilot extension. We are open to either a NSFW Grant, or an on-chain proposal via Nouncil.

Zoom Out:

  • The reason we seek a pilot extension is we need flexibility to find the right metrics that match communities goals, yet still advance our past efforts.
  • Continued adaptability and flexibility are paramount.
  • We need to dedicate more time to individual press relations and this request covers a two person team plus the required software expenditures needed.
  • In one month of weekends moonlighting, we accomplished:
    • a full report of our September efforts, with metrics (here),
    • a dive into every press mention of Nouns since launch (here),
    • 5 weekly transparency reports (#5, #4, #3, #2, #1),
    • 2 Case Studies: Prop 33 and Prop 68,
    • and assembled a team willing to work with press on quotes and for stories, when needed (1 Nounder, 5 Nouners, 2 Delegates, 3 Prop Builders, 3 Nouncilors, 2 SubDAOs, and many NSFW recipients).

The big picture: As a general rule, western corporate/non-profit’s budget anywhere from 8% to 20% towards communications operations (i.e., press relations, marketing, and internal communications). While Nounish provides marketing support (a 4% spend), and individual projects may account for their own specific marketing, there are no overarching media relations or press engagements usually budgeted. The same is true for the DAO at-large.

Now is the perfect time to compliment those efforts to maximize proliferation.

Go Deeper:

Metrics to evaluate us on… We follow the Barcelona Principles (3.0) passed in 2020 by the PR Industry. The Principles measure the efficiency of PR campaigns and reflect a holistic approach that standardizes measurement across all channels, with an eye toward allowing choice in where to invest in public relations and communications to drive optimal organizational performance. As such, we ask to be measured on the following key performance indicators:

  • Total Journalists Added to Nouns Press List - Our goal is 300 total.
  • Total Outlets Added to Nouns Press List - Our goal is 100 total.
  • Pieces of Press Coverage - Our goal is 25 a month.
  • Total Available Audience - Our goal is 25,000,000 a month.
  • Total Engagements on Press Coverage - Our goal is 1,500 a month.
  • Estimated Views - Our goal is 250,000 a month.
  • Average Domain Authority - Our goal is 65 a month.
  • Publishing Rate of Our Weekly Update Email - 100% publishing rate each week.
  • Our Community Efforts with Nouns Esports, FoodNouns, Vision Van, Stoopid Buddy, Nouns Comics, and other projects that may arise.

About the Team:

  • Rekola is a Nouns Builder (NounDust BBQ rub), Nouncilor, Prop House Winner, FoodNouner, and part of the first Nounish Consultants cohort. My background is over 10 years of experience managing press and building proper press infrastructure in Washington, DC. I have on-the-record national spokesman experience both on tv and in print on behalf of Congressional Committees and Members of Congress. I’ve earned media for past clients on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business News, and MSNBC, in the New York Times, Washington Post, Politico, People Magazine, Fast Company, Bloomberg, and hundreds more. My last two clients included: a news organization– itself, and I built a press operation for a non-profit with a $2 million dollar specific Communications, Marketing, & Press Relations budget.
  • Bagu is a Developer and Nounish Builder whose focus in NPC is to build our Nouns Center presence, systems, and designs. I will also contribute to the operations, strategic planning, and execution of the Nouns Press Corps.

Salary Rational:

  • Using standard metrics: based on Rekola’s education, professional experience, current markets, and his work product the median (50%) range for a Communications Director is $246,000 annually which equates to a part-time monthly salary of $9,400.
  • Again, using metrics: based on Bagu’s education, professional experience, current markets, and his work product the median (50%) range for a Communications Assistant is $43,000 annually which equates to a part-time monthly salary of $1,790.

Great job with everything! I do see it necessary for the DAO to get more press coverage as the project continues to grow all over the world. I admire your dedication and hard work in getting this up and running. :clap:

It seems like a critical time for this. With a decentralized org, we can’t just send press to our media office so we need create one. I like that someone is taking this one not only as a point of contact for media, but seeking out opportunities and serving as a resource to others in the Nouns ecosystem who are looking to promote their project. Heard CDT chatting about working with you on the Nouns.Center update – great to have a point of contact for media.

Just note on funding – yes, I can see the salary data but to me that’s a bit of a high ask at this point I think but I think that would be where it should end up down the line. But I’ll leave that to NSFW team to touch on.

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Thanks, Prof for your insightful comment! Appreciate it.

Regarding Funding - We’re totally flexible on funding. What’s important to keep in mind is it’s a sliding scale. If we scale back to a quarter-time effort or less, we would need a more substantial timeframe commitment from the DAO to see proper traction. We landed on 3 months at part-time effort because we would be able to work hard towards a potential massive press event – the Rose Bowl Parade & Stoopid Buddy float. Then use the success/failure of our work in the press, as whether or not the Nouns Press Corps is really something the DAO needs.

One example would be a scaled approach but with a slightly longer timeframe. If upfront cost is the problem, we could step up over time, but we would need until the end of January to work out all the stories and data. I.e.

  • $5,595 for October
  • $5,595 for November
  • $11,190 for December
  • $11,190 for January

Ultimately, to close, we’re open to discussions, but it’s more a formula of time.

Cheers, Rekola

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Hey! Can you please share links to all the media coverage you’ve created for Nouns so far?
And if there’s perhaps a way to know that it was thanks to your contributions that those articles were created?

Hey Verb-e thanks for the questions.

  1. Link to our article database. It shows the last time the journalist was emailed and the ones highlighted green are articles sourced from direct contacts. NPC - Article List - Google Regneark

  2. Proof - Our process is connecting with the reporter, then hosting a virtual coffee or phone call. Then doing follow up as they prefer (phone or email). I don’t think it’s prudent to share my emails en masse but below are some harmless screenshots, that should prove our work.

Brady is the National Crypto reporter for Axios, a MSM publication.

Andrew is the Culture reporter for Decrypt, the web3 publication that covers us the most.

Shreeda is a web3 beat reporter.

Joshua is the producer of the web3 press award show that is nominating Nouns for DAO of the Year.

I know you have the best intentions in mind but…do we really need this? Do we need a PR team at all? Is it +EV to Nouns and nounish culture?

Until proven otherwise I’m against this.

Hey Krel, I respect you and your opinion. Thanks for the input. We’re open to continuing our work or winding it down depending on the community.

My response is-- if the goal of the DAO is to truly proliferate the meme, then I would argue spending $23 million last year, yet not earning one strategic press mention is the opposite. My thought was our work would completely complement builders giving them the extra push to penetrate the mainstream media. Something Nouns is currently lacking.

Secondly-- If Nouns doesn’t have someone out there actively sharing our story on our terms, we are letting journalists create their own narrative about us. Case-in-point, when Nouns’ Twitter was hacked that story hung around for a while creating negative sentiments because no-one from Nouns was out front of it.

Thanks for all your past support.
Cheers, Rekola

Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 7.50.05 AM

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I am sorry but I don’t see your involvement in many of the articles. Could you go a bit more into detail how you prepped Dotta, an executive at Magic Mountain to mention nouns in his email exchange with Brady Dale? Or do I get your involvement wrong? Is the list of articles just a list you compile where nouns are mentioned?

The first article just mentions nouns bc moon birds want to join the cc0 eco system. They even link it to one of their articles from 2021.

The second article talks about a nouns fork, where, again the same jurno who covered nouns before is just mentioning nouns.

The third one compares licensing models, again same jurno who is familiar with nouns.

So from all the jurnos you shared the email convos in a reply to @krel, the first one mentions nouns in his article bc of an interview with Dotta (some executive at some place), the second one covers nouns already quite intensive as he already mentioned bc he knows the project, the third one hasn’t written yet about nouns (according to your list of articles) and the fourth one seems to be from decrypt studios where the second jurno is working who knows about nouns.

The outlets that mention nouns are either crypto native or esports related. So I dont see any added value here in terms of adding reach. Maybe you can help me making sense out of this.

I find your metrics a bit off, bc you compare your work to nouns in 2021 vs nouns in 2022. I mean the props were different, we haven’t had an esports team back then (which generates a lot of mentions just because of the team name).
There were less than 30 props in 2021 compared to prop 120+ props we had in this year :man_shrugging:

I am really confused here. Are you writing press releases? Have you written some for nouns already?
Can you share where you actively were involved that nouns were mentioned?


Hi Niftynaut,

Thanks for your comments and for helping propel the conversation.

As I mentioned above, our process is through making personal touch points to journalists so that Nouns is at the top of their mind when they write. Sometimes that provides low-value mentions. Other times high-value mentions. As I also mentioned I don’t think it’s prudent to share private emails publically, so I sent innocuous ones. But, for example, we negotiated an upcoming feature on Nouns Esports from our direct work with Andrew.

As far as metrics - we’re comparing 8/8/2021 to 8/8/2022 versus our September efforts. So it’s a cumulative comparison, and I think you’re misunderstanding our data.

As far as press releases-- yes we’ve written them but for example, couldn’t use them. Case-in-point, we staffed the Advisry & Nouns Fashion event virtually. We had press releases ready to go to highlight the Nounish Looks and Nounish Trunk. Helping to maximize proliferation. But then we all know how that turned out. Advisry took the money and didn’t do anything they promised. So we at the Press Corps, canceled our press releases and put out a few fires from journalists asking us where our looks were. Link to the draft release.

Cheers, Rekola

First, thank you for letting us build on Nouns.

Second, due to a lack of community desire (in discourse and in private discussion), we will be discontinuing our work on the Nouns Press Corps on Monday. As is customary in our industry we’ll ping the journalists we previously connected with and let them know we’re no longer the point of contact. We will also terminate any overhead expenditures, and remove our contact info from Nouns.Center/press.

Thanks for following along during our pilot program.

Cheers, Rekola

Absolutely – the funding needs to match the time invested. And with service based type things we may have to be a little bit flexible at first – same for nounish consultants. It’s great to see that you’re willing to be a little flexible if needed.