Revolutionizing and disruption of substance use disorders, mental health, and homelessness "treatment "

I am the founder and Executive Director of an Opioid Treatment Program. Although Opioid Treatment Programs are a multi-billion dollar industry in the USA, the focus is more on profit than healing and sobriety. The industry is desperate for real time data that informs the “treatment team” to better support the path of empowerment and recovery for our community members that are struggling with addiction, mental health, and homelessness concurrently. There is no lack of money, but a huge lack of state-of-the-art technology to support healing and accountability. At State of the Heart Recovery (501 c3/ non profit), we are focused on revolutionizing and disrupting this industry through transparency, accountability, real-time incentivization/ gamification. I have the MVP worked out, but have almost no technical experience. If any one here shares an interest in these issues, please reach out to me and lets see if we can get a proper proposal together to this powerful community of Nouns! Thank! for further information

Hey this is exactly what I want to build…or at least the same idea! I made an account on here specifically to get in touch with you. I was searching google for mental health + addiction + web3 and there is NOTHING…but this post came up from a few days ago. And you can see even here how much people don’t much work on this HUGE problem… So anyways, lets talk if you’re interested…

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505 688-1228