Revised proposal: nouns participate in world rally championship

Resharing a revised version of this proposal previously posted on the 15/04/21 to include a smaller budget,my background and that of the rally team and a good elaboration of how and where the nouns will appear during the event.

The World Rally Championship,the biggest rallying discipline of motorsports rallying in the world,made a return to Africa, after a 19 year hiatus. I was fortunate enough to be on the sitting committee that oversaw the signing of 5 a contract between the FIA and the Kenyan Motorsport Federation (which I am a member of) for the WRC to hold one of it’s legs in the country. I worked closely with 5x World Rally Champion Mr.Patrick Njiru and we brought together a team of 3 talented and FIA accredited drivers who I decided to sponsor by acquiring 3 cars to be used for the rally. The team is led by Mr. Edward Njoroge and Mr. Andrew Muiruri who are among the biggest drivers in the region. Mr. Edward is among the most experienced rally drivers in the continent and the southern hemisphere boasting over 51 top 3 finishes in his 13 year stint as a professional rally driver. Mr. Andrew started his career on a high note being scouted by the FIA young stars and his career has been on the rise ever since.

The proposal has been revised and is for Nouns DAO to put 69 ETH towards:
•The Nounification of 3 Rally Cars.
•The production of sets of racing gear (suits, helmets and shoes) bearing nouns glasses branding.
• Market activation through ad campaigns before and throughout the course of the event.
• The upgrade of 1 rally car to WRC safety and performance standard.
• Reimbursement of designers from nouns DAO that will work on designs for the rally car wrap,racing gear and advertisments.

This project will bring one of the most powerful and identifiable brands in the crypto and NFT world to the biggest event in Rallying and to a very big audience of almost a billion viewers.

This proposal has been worked on and built by I,DonJon, the main sponsor of the Rally team.

All the technical workings of the rally and rally car specifications are recorded on the previous post linked below.