Retro Funding: Nouns in Chinese

Hi Nouners! I’ve wrote an article on Mirror in mandarin aimed to target the Chinese community and to break down more language barrier for Nouns and the DAO. The article explain what is Nouns, Nouns Auction & Settlement, CC0, and the different type of funds supported by the DAO.

The article is already written and published on Mirror.

Shared on twitter as well:

@noun22 If I may, would like to request a retro funding of 0.45ETH for the time I’ve put into this article.

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This is actually great, good job!
Would support retro funding for this.

Hey elle!
Its awesome that youre trying to spread the awareness among Chinese audience, I love to see that!
However, the article is very basic and doesn’t feature that much text and very little original writing, can you tell me a bit more about the justification for the 0.45 ETH? In comparison, I think priced their articles at 0.5 ETH, but these are much longer and its original writing, not just a translation.

Was just browsing and came across this.

My thoughts resonate with Maty’s. But would just like to clarify that Nouns Blog priced our articles at .5 ETH back when ETH was much higher, so this may have increased (just slightly) today.

Elle, I have a suggestion. Perhaps you could try for Prop House to fund articles in Chinese? I know Don Tildare did something like this in Lil Nouns Prop House (Lil Nouns: Everything you need to know — Don Tildare), got granted 1 ETH for an original article of similar length.

Ultimately marketing your services to the public, and seeing if there’s consensus to support your work would be the go-to imo. Hope this helps, and if you’d like future articles to be featured on Nouns Blog, feel free to reach out :slight_smile:

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Hi @maty and @Blowned.eth thanks for the kind words and feedback.

Like mention, article priced at 0.5ETH was when ETH was at a much higher price range
I believe ard USD2000+? In comparison, my request for 0.45ETH was when ETH was at ard USD1000+ range (Which recently shot up - Yay to us all!).

From my understanding I have not seen any Chinese article about Nouns (correct me if I’m wrong :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:) while there have been quite a few article written about Nouns in English; thus for a start I chose to keep it simple and as straight forward/basic as possible for Chinese reader esp those that just discovered Nouns.

+I’ve request for retro funding instead of grants/prop house because the main agenda for me on this is to spread nounish info and break more language barrier. Regardless if this get retro funded or not, am happy to continue pushing out more article in chinese. :smiling_face:

@Blowned.eth Thanks for the suggestion. I would try for Prop House/Small Grants but that’s to fund slightly more high level ideas/activation. (Nounish Potted Plants, targeting to proliferate Nouns via lifestyle time item starting with potted plants. :potted_plant: Will be drafting the discourse, appreciate feedback then :hugs:)