Propsal: Add CeeFriends to the Nouniverse / Nouns Wiki

We really want to be fully integrated into the Nouns ecosystem and here is why

Proposal to add CeeFriends to the Nouns Wiki (appreciate this needs approval from a mod).

TLDR: Add a Nouns derivative art project to the wiki in the Ecosystem / Art area. Cost to treasury: 0 ETH


A few days ago we successfully launched CeeFriends, a doodles art styled CC0 collectible NFT project. In short, we were very happy with it - it was a stealth launch and free mint, which resulted in the following within the first 24 hours:

  • 5,582 secondary sales
  • 52ETH trading volume
  • 1,957 holders
  • 465 twitter followers
  • 325 discord members


Through twitter, I have personally connected with a lot of people in the NFT space who were keen to support this project, however not many of them are Nouns. We see this as a problem, because ultimately this is a clear Nouns derivative project - and that is (read as: “you are”) one of the main communities we are trying to reach.

We feel like it might be important to explain the project to drive up interest and highlight the relationship between the two.

We really want to be fully integrated into the Nouns ecosystem and here is why:

1. Artistically this is a derivative project

At first glance, it may not be obvious - but conceptually (and even aesthetically) it is:


  • CeeFriends directly features Nouns


  • We consider the defining characteristic of a Noun, as it’s head
  • As such, each CeeFriend represents one of the head traits
  • You will be able to check this on OpenSea once our metadata is updated. Here’s one with the trait Crt-bsod and another one with the trait Turing


  • We share the two background traits color schemes (Warm and Cool)
  • Many of the doodle-styled art is directly inspired by their Nouns counterpart, here are some examples:


This is different from other art projects which use the Nouns glasses solely to show a relationship!

2. We share the values and ethics of the Nouns project

  • Free mint
  • CC0 artwork (which already has atleast 1 external project based on it)
  • We aim to proliferate the Nouns, that’s why all of our branding highlight the Nouns influence e.g. on Twitter and OpenSea

3. We want a Nouns community and access to all the wonderful work in the ecosystem

We are very happy and excited to work with other Nouns ecosystem projects! @seneca’s recent launch of Nouns Prop House v2 are exactly the kind of infrastructure we are keen to be onboarded to!


Please add us to the Wiki, reach out and join us!

We look forward you joining us and us joining you!

Thank you for reading,

EDIT (08.06.2022): We removed reference to a team-owned treasury, as the team has decided on an alternative, more decentralized structure to support growth


I checked out a lot of the other projects in the Nouns Wiki, and I really think that CeeFriends would be a great fit there. I think the influence of Nouns across the NFT space gives it a great opportunity to work with smaller projects and solve the main problem of one NFT per day: exclusivity. The exclusivity is great, but to spread the word farther and faster, working with small likeminded projects that reach thousands at a time makes a whole lot of sense. The creativity will come in how to build utility in those projects to properly connect them all into one ecosystem.


Thank you very much Andrew!

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it’s been added to Projects | Nouns Center


Thank you very much @cdt.eth

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