Proposal tracking & information sharing by maty

TLDR: Fund maty to continue tracking all funded proposals (46 ETH saved) and writing newsletters (over 14k reads) for 5.5 ETH/month.

About me

Active in nouns every day for a year, founding Nouncil and Esports Pod member, Discord mod (rip), NSFW team member… but most of my work has been centered around a weekly newsletter and a few dashboards I have created in Notion.

Tracking proposals

Problem: It’s hard to follow individual projects after they get funded, the information is scattered. Accountability is important.


  • I’m following up with builders of all funded projects, providing a way for builders to share all the awesome work they’ve done
  • Saving the data to Notion - 5 interconnected dashboards with all the important info, allows anyone to quickly and easily search for any project, filter and sort them based on various properties or see all projects by a particular builder.

Thanks to those follow-ups, I have contributed to 46 ETH being returned to the DAO (from 2 proposals with leftover funds).

Future focus:

  • Getting cleaner-looking dashboards up on (in collaboration with cdt, you can already find the Communities list we made here)



Problem: Information overload, hundreds of funded projects + even more seeking funding. With the dissolution of the official Discord server, this only got worse.

  • Weekly newsletter highlighting the biggest things happening around nouns, showcasing new proposed projects, new on-chain proposals, art, and more. Serves as an information distribution mechanism and as a historic snapshot of the DAO. Example.
  • Special posts for Prop House rounds with TLDRs of all proposals (and other functions when needed) everything in one place, easy to read. Example.
    • this helps us more effectively deploy capital via Prop House
  • Newsletter data:
    • over 50 posts already (6 a month on average), with over 14,000 reads in total!
    • latest posts get around 350-400 readers
    • subscriber count is in a steady uptrend from the start, currently at 400

Future focus:

  • highlighting the newly emerging communities
  • special posts with big proposal updates (highlights of changes from the dashboards)
  • on-chain proposal TLDRs? dedicated Twitter?



Previously my work has been funded via NSFW (monthly, based on the amount of work, 4.5-5.5 ETH), but since now I am an active member of NSFW group, I am seeking funding via on-chain proposal.
I am asking for 5.5 ETH a month for 7 months:

  • 1 month retro for October (7 newsletter posts, maintaining the dashboard, and adding a new one - Communities/Groups)
  • 6 months going forward, paid via sablier stream
  • A total of 38.5 ETH

Easy Yes for me. Great value imo. Thanks for all the work so far.


Always delivers and helpful for any nounish communities. Yes from me. Hopefully this will get funded.


Both of these efforts are essential in the post-discord Nouns world. Maty has been present and building in Nouns since the dawn of time. This is an easy yes for me.


Hey Maty! I want to co-build this with you. Tons of ideas that will expand beyond Nouns. Can we chat 1/1 to see if there is anything solid to offer in what I have? I’m @viks_rum on TG


Very useful content and I think the ask is totally reasonable.


don’t think, just yes.
Maty does an impeccable job, even though his schedule is full he is always open to discussing new ideas and giving feedback, so that’s a big yes. 🫶🏻


Maty is the man, wouldn’t think on this twice


To the Nouners out there that vote and Nouncil–this is the type of signal that cuts through the noise.
Since the disbanding of the main discord I spend a lot of time running through all the discords and all over Twitter to collect information that is of use to me–What Maty does is is help filter out the things I am less interested in and helps me find what ultimately maters most to me and what I need to preform as a member of the DAO. If you don’t already subscribe to his newsletter you should, and I think as a DAO we should fund this as a core contribution as it serves the members and supporting ecosystem.


Absolutely essential work you’re doing my friend. I can’t say it enough. The 46 ETH returned means you’ve already paid for yourself twice over IMO. Do you need someone to put this on chain? Based on the comments here, it seems like Nouncil would probably be interested.

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Hey love the work you have been doing Maty. The newsletter is really cool, and a great way to keep up with the projects and also good to see some accountability with the proposal tracker!

Makes sense to have a sablier stream for the newsletter.

IMO, I would separate the newsletter and the tracker into two different props, and I would extend the tracker’s scope and functions by teaming up with a dev and making it more decentralised (maybe working with agora to have denominated persons to track proposals - just an idea - etc) and more like a web app with a unique domain name.

I think the prop tracker is worth being its own prop. This is needed and you should team up with someone with complementary skills to make it an important piece of the puzzle. Just my 2cents.


Just subbed to the newsletter! Doin’ the lords work @maty. Keep it up!

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It would be amazing to have these things decentralized over time. I think that’s what the DAO should shoot for. All funded props end up on the tracker automatically. Newsletter gets generated automatically based on the things that received the most traffic across the ecosystem, etc. I’m sure these things are very technically difficult to do, but I agree with your sentiment.


Yes, I think having it all automated would be great and I believe the AI team was talking about Roko eventually being able to do this (at least the newsletter part).
I’m not sure I understand what would be the advantage of having the data aggregation done by multiple people though.
Yitong showed interest in displaying the info on Agora and I will work with cdt to get it up on, so in addition to this being available at and, the data will also hopefully be available on these websites :slight_smile:

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Maty has been doing great work as the newsletter editor. Maybe in the future Roko/Ai can help aggregate and he can bring it together with that human nounish touch. Sablier makes 100% sense in that case.

What Im more interested about is the proposals tracker being a separate onchain proposal and the product of a small team: Maty + dev(s).

Imagine a “Model Viewer Controller” dashboard with different ways to dynamically sort props by:

  • chronology,
  • ETH amount
  • for/against ratio
  • vote participation
  • proposer
  • team

All of the above could be automatically aggregated using on chain data, no? That could save a lot of work

  • a project completion gauge : now that’s the less straightforward one which might require someone external to evaluate

  • post-evaluation/success grading by dao members. That is valuable and something a lot of people were getting at. “Rate project success between 1 and 10” using zero knowledge proof for ex.

On top of that imagine a private key login system allowing elected/assigned “managers/evaluators” to write data for each props (maybe that’s part of the nouncil job or a quarterly elected group of people…).

Just shooting ideas here.

Its a lot of work for one person to track all props and it will be exponentially hard to do so, plus seems more nounish to do project tracking without reverting to the old school concept of an accountability officer.

It seems to be an interesting problem to go after and one that could bring a lot of value: how to do distributed and decentralised management? Not saying its easy, and I don’t have the solution.

So, imo the newsletter is fairly straightforward and a big YES and the tracker idea has a lot of potential hiding behind “Getting cleaner-looking dashboards up on”.

I see that this is getting onchain, overall positive about it, but be good to gather usage metrics (are you able to get usage metrics from your notion site @maty?) and also think about the next iteration with the possibility of it being its own web app.

I feel like this is an important idea and one that could benefit nouns but other DAOs as well.