Proposal to Re-Elect Brian as Nouns DAO Engineer Resident


I have been the Nouns DAO engineering resident for the last 3 months (funded under Prop 17) and I requesting a 6 month continuation of my residency.

What I did during Prop 17

My residency under Prop 17 had the following goals:

  1. Update the UX of the auction page and integrate it with the Noun profile pages
  2. Update the UX of the governance page
  3. Update the UX of the proposal page

I achieved all of these goals during Prop 17. In addition, I also took it upon myself to do the following:

  1. Created the (recently revamped) page which provides insight into Noun rarity and Noun Governance participation
  2. Created (pro bono) a bot to automatically create snapshot votes for Shark DAO based on the creation of new on-chain Nouns DAO proposals
  3. Helped automate parts of Bidder POAP
  4. Review PRs for

What I will do during my next residency

I have two main goals for my next residency:

Continue to maintain

I will be taking on more of an ownership role of going forward. This means that in addition to reviewing inbound PRs, I will be responsible for ongoing bug fixes and improvements.

One particular task to call out as part of improvements is getting to a few UI details that we didn’t have time for during Prop 17 (ex: bid history modal).

Make more robust, extensible, and contributor friendly

  1. Revamp CI / CD pipeline to allow easy deploy to prod (process right now is very manual)
  2. Add real time error monitoring so we can rollback bad changes quickly with minimal negative user impact
  3. Generally improve code quality and documentation of the codebase to make it more contributor friendly (in particular, documentation around our Github processes to make it easier for new contributors to onboard)
  4. Refactor to use a nouns component library to allow people to easily build on our “look and feel”
  5. Localize to increase the reach of our brand to non-english audiences
  6. Security audit to assess risk and patch any potential exploits should they exist

Proposed workflow

I propose the following framework for tracking my progress and giving the DAO visibility into my work.

Monthly updates

I will give monthly written updates to the DAO. These will be akin to investor update emails.
They will include:

  1. What did I say I was going to get done last month
  2. What of that did I actually get done
  3. What am I committing to getting done in the coming month

Project scoping docs

For every distinct project I take on, I will write a short scoping doc (1-2 pages) which I will share with the community for visibility (either on Discord or Github). In this context one project roughly equals one bullet point in the section of my goals (ex: localize would be one project).

These scoping docs will include the following information:

  1. Project goals (project must do x, should do y)
  2. Project non-goals (what, if anything, is explicitly out of scope)
  3. High level description of technical aspects of proposed change
  4. Project milestones with ETAs

Github projects + Discord

In addition to tracking progress at the project level, I will continue to use Github issues, Github projects, and frequent updates to the Nounders (in a private project Discord channel) to promote accountability and give the DAO visibility into my daily work.

Proposed compensation

I propose that I am compensated 62.52414 ETH over 6 months (10.42069 ETH per month).

I think this is a fair rate for 2 reasons:

  1. 22’s recent proposal passed at this rate. We were both previously funded by Prop 17
  2. This rate is fairly in line (in fact a bit lower) on an annualized + USD converted basis with what I was making in my previous normie tech job / what I was offered by normie tech companies when I recently interviewed (~4 months ago)

Closing thoughts

I believe that over the last 3 months, I’ve show that I can execute with little oversight and generate value for the DAO (in excess of original project scope). I have greatly enjoyed building with all of you over the last 3 months and hope you will give me the opportunity to continue with you on this great journey.


One thing to clarify:

ETH will be put into a Sablier stream vs an up-front payment. Sorry if this wasn’t clear from the outset.

Based on feedback, proposal name will be changed to:

Retain builder to work on for 6 months

No brainer here. Brian’s done great work over the past 3-4 months and I have no doubt will continue to do throughout this year. Building out Nouns infra & docs will be a big win too. We need a resilient codebase that’s friendly to developers and the localization will be a big win as we expand to more international communities.