Proposal: setQuorumVotesBPS(2000)

This tx would increase Quorum to 20% from 10%. As proposal rate increases, improving assurance-by-consensus seems a natural way to keep some order.

Current participation is generally between 25-45%. A proposal supported with conviction should have no trouble crossing the 20% threshold.

Housekeeping proposals (eg #19) are more likely to be adversely affected.


Apathy is the norm for DAOs over time. On the other hand, the Nounders have 10% of the vote. I think setting it at 15% would work as a compromise and we can raise it more in 6 months conditional on seeing how participation looks with a bigger sample.

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been thinking about the scenario where a couple whales (non-maliciously) push a proposal through that has registered potentially 10 (or 20 even, with new threshold) unique dissenting addresses. Personally feel this scenario is sufficiently bad to justify the added friction. That said, happy to run an emoji consensus on this in a day or so.

However, the solution is not ideal and am concurrently working on alternative approach (Quorum floats with # of against votes) which would allow us the advantages of Optimistic Governance wrt uncontroversial proposals.