Proposal: Proposal: “Nas Daily” Nouns Video

Proposal: “Nas Daily” Nouns video


I have been thinking about how we can tell the story of Nouns to the masses and reach a global audience. I reached out to my friend Nas who I think can do an incredible job telling our story. He’s super excited to make a video about Nouns.

I would love to get a feedback on whether this kind of proposal would get support from the DAO.


— Noun 142 ⌐◨-◨

Who is Nas?

Nas Daily by Nuseir Yassin is one of the world’s most watched and loved creator. Nas’ audience is global and extremely engaged. His videos get viewership in the millions and tons of comments and shares. Nas mission is to “show the most interesting humans, places and projects in the world.”

Some stats

Recent videos, crypto focused (all traffic is organic, with no marketing dollars)

Additional notable videos (non-crypto):

Why Nas?

Aside from his massive reach, which will put Nouns on a global stage, he’s a wonderful storyteller. He has a knack for explaining complex matters in short form and in simple terms. Explaining Nouns to a wide audience can lead to a watershed moment for the DAO.

The video

  • Format
    • A 3-5 minute video about the project to go on TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook
    • a 1 minute video about the project for Youtube Shorts, Instagram & Facebook Reels and TikTok
    • 13 localized versions of the video going out in Arabic, Indonesian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Hebrew etc
  • Story
    • What is Nouns?
      • Noun O’clock
      • The Treasury
      • How the DAO spends the funds
        • 2-3 Examples of funded projects
      • What is CC0
    • The video will includes
      • Interviews with 2-3 Nouners/Nounders
      • Potential on-site visits with creators who got funded

Editorial input

  • This is a high stake project given the viewership
  • To help make sure our story is told in the most authentic and nounish way, we can put together a subcommitee which will work with Nas to help him tell our story in the best way

Potential impact

  • Total estimated viewership: 10 million views
  • A Nas video about Nouns will get millions of views. and raise the profile of Nouns significantly
    • It can lead to an influxe talented creators to make proposals
    • It can expose Nouns to a much larger audience and bring diversity to the community


  • Nas will be able to work on this project for target delivery in April


  • Nas’ fee is $150K-300K for his videos, depending on complexity. We will work on a more accurate budget after we get initial feedback.

Love this idea. We need a summary video like this and I think Nas would be an excellent person to do it. His videos always have a fun, energetic, positive vibe.

This video would be the first thing I send when introducing people to Nouns. One idea - in the video near the end put a call for proposals and try to drive builders to the Nouns ecosystem.

While I agree with the benefits of exposure and getting more builders involved, I think the quality of builders matters more. The video on SBF mostly focused on the “money” and “do good for the world” part and provided no education on crypto/finance.
I feel like there should be candidates who could unfold a complex topic (nouns rely on ETH, smart contracts, DAOs etc) in a better way - but on the flipside, they might have a much smaller audience.

Someone like Finematics on youtube still reaches 300k views and would be a better fit IMO. See What Are NFTs and How Can They Be Used in Decentralized Finance? DEFI Explained - YouTube
Also Why Noun NFTs could rise to the top (investor guide) - YouTube did a really good job back in August without any compensation (or maybe a retrofunding).

I think in general, organic interest from youtubers/influencers is much better suited than “paid” promotion. I would reduce the fee drastically and share it with the “committee” and see if Nas still thinks this is a good match for his audience. Generally, I believe we are too early for such a mainstream audience, and we should be more targeted.

I think that Nas is a great marketer and that he is really good at simplifying ideas. I enjoy watching some of his videos and I think he is one of the best “influencer” to tell the Nouns story to the world.

On the other hand, I do agree with Coral that organic traffic and exposure is more powerful and efficient than paid marketing.

Is the end goal to raise awareness of nouns to the general public or to grow the community with people already in the crypto space?

What I find fascinating and innovative about the Nouns is (among other things) the involvement of the community around Nounish projects, the treasury management & governance, the fact that everything is on chain, automated, open source and CC0.
Grasping the reach of these characteristics requires some background knowledge on blockchain, DAOs, NFTs, on chain governance.
This might sound arrogant but I think that the audience will only grasp one idea out of this video and miss the truly innovative aspects of the Nouns.