Proposal: Proper Nouns

Hey, appreciate you coming back with thoughtful feedback. I think I need to clarify what I meant by marketing and promotion.

On-chain approval by the DAO brings the project a lot of credibility.

This is exactly what I mean by marketing and promotion. Your project is seeking to take the credibility of the Nouns brand and use an on-chain vote to brand this as what is effectively an “official” derivative project. I support all derivatives projects, but I don’t think that the DAO has any interest in diluting our brand by explicitly promoting specific derivatives projects as an extension of Nouns.

Also, you go on to say:

We think this would be super helpful for our goal of offering “ownership in the Nouns community”.

The only way to have ownership in the Nouns community is by owning an interest in a Noun, whether whole or fractional or as part of a SubDAO. So I really don’t understand why you rejected the idea of buying a Noun with the proceeds. The only way owning a non-Nouns NFT would give someone ownership of the Nouns community is if Nouns DAO effectively blessed that NFT as an official extension of the Nouns project, which is something the DAO should not support because it dilutes the Nouns brand/scarcity. Proper Nouns looks like a really cool project and I hope you launch it - but it is not officially affiliated with Nouns DAO.

BTW - I thought the newsletter you posted this morning was awesome and I think you have a future as a valuable community member and contributor! I want to make it clear this is not personal and I think there IS a path forward here! I really think you should reconsider your decision not to form a DAO and buy a Noun with the proceeds. Or be open to receiving Retro Funding for your time and effort.


@Noun22 expressed what I was trying to get at much more clearly. While we are supportive of the project and team, funding a project for affiliation does not align well with what we feel Nouns DAO should represent. Seeing as you don’t need the funds from the DAO to start up, it might make more sense to launch without the DAO funding it. Either that or reconsidering the DAO-like implementation. Personally, I think the latter is a much more interesting adventure to go on.

Either way, fully supportive of what you and the team decides to do.

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@noun22 @seneca Thank you so much for the additional feedback. We discussed it extensively as a team and after looking at the pros and cons, we think it would be better to launch Proper Nouns without trying to go through the on-chain proposal. (And if you see fit to support us through the retro funding, we would gladly accept it! :raised_hands:)

We thought it was insightful to go through the official proposal process, and we learned a lot about the philosophy and thinking of the Nouns. Since there are already other DAOs that are doing interesting things in this space (Shark/GOOP), if members of our community want to join a DAO and own a fractional part of a Noun, we will point them to those DAOs.

We want to focus on our strengths as a team: art, solidity, and community-building. We think this is the path that will let us be most successful. And knowing that you as individual Nouners/Nounders support us makes us even more confident that Proper Nouns will be great! :heart:


@snape0x and @noun32 Also wanted to thank you both for your support. :heart:
We love the Nouns and will continue to build and contribute to the community.

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