Proposal: NOUNS Wellness APP (iOS + Android)

NOUNS Wellness APP (iOS + Android)

Who Said Mental Health Needs to Be Boring?

Nouns can be THE brand at the forefront of bringing wellness to young people worldwide in a playful, effective and engaging way.

Our Mission: To Proliferate the Nouns Brand by Helping Kids Globally Who Are Suffering Mentally After the Global Pandemic – Free of Charge.

We challenged ourselves to design an initiative that prioritized improving overall mental and physical wellbeing irrespective of school, workplace and home settings. An initiative that is comprehensive in nature, flexible in delivery, and aligned with specific wellbeing objectives that are drawn from global social and emotional wellness research. Combining our depth of experience in app development, education and content creation to deliver a remarkable outcome.

We have already created over 100 apps and wellness programs to great success, this will be our best of the best - an innovative, Noun branded mobile app for iOS and Android that will be an important support for kids when they need it most.

What Are You Proposing?

NOUNS Wellness (name to be confirmed) is a mobile mental health app for the next generation. Using play and community spirit, kids are inspired and engaged with games and activities to actually practice mental health daily.

This proposal will cover details on how we can do this and why we are the team who can make this happen.

And also how this initiative is more than a good idea…

It’s potentially the very essence that makes NOUNS nounish. And what we see is a perfect match to the mission to not only proliferate the NOUNS brand, but also the NOUNS’ mission of goodwill.


Why Are You Doing It?

Mental health has never been more important post pandemic…

  • …And this time it’s the kids who are feeling the pressure, not just stressed out adults or Web3 degens. There are global stats that show some very alarming numbers with teen depression, anxiety and sadly suicides. There’s a lot to find wrong with the world, so activaley reminding, educating and inspiring young people has become integral to their wellbeing and their future.

  • Nouns Wellness will also have a natural ripple effect through our Web3 community. As part of the crypto culture, mental health is on everyone’s lips in Twitter Spaces and in Discord, but there has yet to be the wellness project to emerge and really connect with and serve the wider Web3 community.

  • Nouns is a project close to our hearts and we are aligned with what it represents. It excites us to see the diverse range of future collaborations and partnerships where we can proliferate the brand and its mission.

Why Nouns?

Something that makes habits stick and fitness routines engaging is play and fun.

  • As pioneers in transforming fitness education with play at its center, we saw immediately how a playful and fun brand like Nouns can boost the wellness conversation with young people.
  • And at the same time boost the Nouns brand and positioning further, by activating real world engagement with Nouns and the super healthy benefits of a wellness practice.

In a word… Nouns will make wellness FUN. And Nouns are what wellness will look like for young kids. No-one is owning this wellness space for kids the way Nouns can.

(Plus as a Web3 native brand Nouns open the door to the conversation with young people about NFTs and what the blockchain means to our future.)

How Is This Different to What’s Already out There?

The go-to apps out there: Headspace, Calm and similar, are designed for adults.

They also only offer one type of mindfulness, (including ones for children) - guided experiences that are consumed in one direction. In our decades of experience with kids (and adults too) we have proven that interactive activities and playful tasks are game changers. Like moving your body with active play instead of reps on a gym mat.

This interactive approach is a major point of difference in the overall physical and mental wellbeing space. There are so many ways of doing wellbeing, but they’re not fun… Until NOUNS Wellness.

Additionally: The app source code we create will be open source and available for use by the Noun community.

Who Is the Audience? How Are You Going to Market This App?

As established business owners and leaders in the fitness, education and wellness space, we have an active database of 45,000+ teachers, schools, fitness professionals and educators who are actively trusting and consuming everything we create. A recommendation from us to this audience will activate thousands of teachers and schools as users.

Among these people we also have strong and reliable partnerships to further amplify reach and engagement beyond the Web3 universe. Offering free, engaging and ‘cool’ resources for kids’ wellbeing is something these communities are hungry for.

Additionally our wellness podcast features interviews with olympians, human potential leaders, international sports personalities and even actors: Energetic Radio by Dale Sidebottom with 260 episodes, weekly releases and thousands of monthly listeners. We are also both regular speakers and have been on stages in 40+ countries. We will promote the app to our engaged social media channels and activate webinar style campaigns, so NOUNS can leverage our existing network and following.

In short it’s not our first rodeo, we are not a startup like many projects in the Web3 space. We are seeing a synergy between our experience, our existing client base and the Noun brand to elevate both for greater impact – creating the foundations of the future world that Web3 stands for and ideas this project believes in.

We also aim to place Nouns at the forefront of supporting the Web3 community who are battling with extreme emotions of the daily game of NFT’s and Crypto.

Beyond this scope we believe Nouns could have wider appeal to the global issue of declining health and wellness. We see Nouns Wellness as contributing toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Number 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Who’s Creating It?

We’re two dads from Australia, and we are also two highly successful Web2 startup founders who have been in crypto since 2017. Together we have built over 100 mobile apps for clients and our own inhouse projects.

Jarrod Robinson - Ex PE Teacher/entrepreneur who has built numerous successful startups in the software/web space. These include ConnectedPE, the worlds leading professional development for PE teachers that directly trains 10,000+ PE Teachers yearly - He has also presented face to face in 40+ countries inspiring educators to utilise emerging technologies in their practice.

Dale Sidebottom - Dale is a full-time ‘play’ consultant who taps into his 20+ years working in the education and fitness sectors to educate individuals, schools, sporting clubs and corporate organisations globally on the benefits ‘adult play’ can have on mental health and wellbeing. Dale is the author of All Work No Play, TEDx speaker and the top rating ‘Energetic Radio’ podcast.

Worth Mentioning: A Few Successful Apps Built by the Team

These apps below were built by the core team who will create Nouns Wellness. Please note our skill set and connection to the topic of wellness, health & education at a truly global scale.

  • ConnectedPE

  • MerryBody

OK Got It, But Who’s Creating the Actual Content? (And Will It Be Any Good?)

The core wellness content with play methodology will be developed by Dale Sidebottom founder of Jugar Life and the Fitness Game Zone project. Content curriculum will be based on existing and proven programs used by over 10,000 health and wellness professionals.

Additional experts and partners of ours in the wellness and marketing space will be brought into the project, verbal agreements already underway.

  • Merrymaker Sisters - Online Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Studio.
  • Savvy Copy - Conversion-focused copywriting agency - Some clients include: Gary Goldstein - Producer of Box Office Hit Pretty Woman, Sylvester Stallone, Roger Love (Hollywood Vocal Coach), Grace Lever + Web 3 Projects (under NDA).
  • World Class Design Team - Has worked with the likes of Yoda (Frank oz), Jordan Harbinger, Bill Zanker, Perry Marshall, John Dwyer, Tony Robbins, Pitbull + Web 3 Projects (Under NDA)

So What Exactly Do You Mean By Bringing Play to Wellness?

Over a decade, we have developed hundreds of hours of engaging wellness content based on the principles of play and games.

To outline the kinds of unique content you will find in Nouns Wellness App:

  • Journal based engagement with daily questions incorporating play
  • Written, and professionally filmed videos
  • Guided Meditations
  • Yoga Workouts
  • Play and Connection Games
  • Wellbeing Challenges
  • Fun Fitness Games
  • Healthy Meals
  • Story based movement adventures
  • Story based meditations

Any Early Visual Sneak Peaks You Can Share?

What Is the Timeline for the Rollout?

APP BUILD + LAUNCH - 6 Months (iOS and Android)


  • App Development - for iOS and Android
  • Website Design/Landing Page - Design & Copywriting
  • Pre Launch Campaign - Social Media, Email, Partnerships
  • Launch Campaign - Social Media, Email, Partnerships, Podcast, Press Release
  • Marketing and Awareness - Ongoing on all channels
  • Education/Training Resources - In website and app
  • Dedicated Podcast Episodes - Ongoing

Budget for Nouns Wellness iOS + Android App

  • 100 ETH for design, dev, deployment & maintenance of the Nouns Wellness iOS & Android apps
  • 30 ETH for project management and outreach to partners
  • 40 ETH for initial content creation from wellness professionals
  • 30 ETH for copy, website design & marketing/promotions

Payment to be made to the project multi-sig wallet

Total funding: 200 ETH

Do You Foresee Adding Future Phases?

YES. We are setting out to build a brand for the long term. This mobile app can be a launching pad for a multifaceted product rollout in the wellness and mental health space. As mentioned, positioning Nouns as THE wellness companion for young people globally. Once the app is launched and the Nouns Wellness brand is established, opportunities immediately become available for maximum impact. And we are ready to lead this expansion.

Outline of Additional Phases:

  • App Gamification - Rewards, points, challenges, leader boards, community, avatar badges and wearables.
  • Web3 Community Engagement - Partnering with other DAOs to bring this to Web3 Community.
  • Extensive Content Expansion - This is one curriculum piece of a much larger curriculum rollout.
  • Multi Channel Product and Media Development - Can be so much more than an app.
  • Noun Brand Proliferation - Global mapped Noun Wellness Curriculum.
  • Future Growth Initiatives - Global delivery and additional languages.

Benefits to Nouns

  1. Nouns in the Hearts and Minds of a New Audience

Kids everywhere in the world will have a Noun as their wellness avatar and profile picture in the app. Created from the Noun Playground they will personally identify with their Noun.

  1. Nouns Mean Goodwill and Real Wellness Impact

Our aim is that Nouns = Wellbeing and Healthy Living. Connecting with young people at a time when they are curious and open to learning new things. Endorsed by schools and having a measurable impact in the education space.

  1. Nouns Serving the Web3 Community in Mental Health Management

By making this app available for free and leading with a crypto native brand a natural affinity is present in the community. This boosts Nouns further into becoming an engaging and loved brand.

  1. Nouns are the First Point of Contact to Web3 for the Next Generation

A section in the app will be dedicated to sharing the story of Nouns, Web3, NFTs, and the DAO to introduce the conversation and spark further discovery. Helping to open the adoption of Web3 in a natural and organic way.

  1. Nouns Brand Awareness in the Real World

The real world use of Nouns in an established sector like education and wellness, especially with kids, is a solid and exciting way to fortify brand value and longevity.

How Will You Be Providing Project Updates?

All updates will happen in the Nouns Discord Channel and milestone related Medium Articles.

In Conclusion - Nouns to the Rescue

Mental health and taking care of yourself in Web3 is something that people talk about on Twitter and in Discords, but is anything meaningful really taking place?

Nouns can be at the forefront of helping kids everywhere who are battling with extreme emotions of daily life growing up in an uncertain world. This app will also empower the Nouns community and help thousands of others in the Web 3 space.

This is our chance as Nouns to help everyone who may feel trapped, lost or just have no idea where to start. This is our chance to change the game and save lives.


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I really dig this prop.

My Pop has worked in the mental health field for my whole life, both in military and civilian areas and his focus has been with the kids for the past 20’ish years.

I think Nouns as a vehicle for bringing a “New Outlook” to one’s life is a great idea–I support this as I can see the benefit to the world at large.

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Thank you I appreciate your support :slight_smile: