Proposal: Nouns that did't born yet

Submission Date

December 3, 2021

Project Links

Discord: Noname DAO

Project Description

Noname DAO — fork of based on Polygon.
Nonames are Nouns that did’t born yet, that’s why they don’t have a names :slight_smile:

Noname DAO is an experimental community that aims to build a new method of connecting investors and founders for collaboration. Nonamers can share and propose their knowledge of profitable investment options which the whole community can profit from using its large accumulated funds once DAO decides to approve it.

. We are on testnet stage, running on Polygon, mainnet starts in 1 week
. We have a strong technical team with experience in blockchain since 2012.
. We are fully decentralized and open source

Every Nonamer can make a proposal to spend some money from the treasury. NFTs are locked until voting ends. A well-written and motivating proposal has more chances to be successfully settled. Voting starts 3 days after proposal submission and lasts for 4 more days.

Mission of Noname DAO is to fund awesome projects that people really need in the crypto area through collective voting using a collective treasury. DAO smart contract has a method to secure a community reward. Every NFT is considered as a pool share here. After the successful call, Nonamers can claim their reward from the DAO.

Amount requested

50,000 USD



  • Analytics dashboard for DAO treasury that contains investment history, pnl, distribution of funds over DeFi protocols ($20,000)
  • Additional marketing campaign around the DAO ($30,000)

Timeline — 28 Feb, 2022

why not just deploy the contract yourself? why nouns?

It’s already working and based on Polygon —