Proposal: Nouns Psychogeography with Dustin Yellin - Person, Place or Thing

Hey all. working on my first nouns proposal. would love early feedback so we can have a solid proposal before we make it official.

A new Dustin Yellin, Psychogeography, which maps all NOUNS. DAOs offer the greatest innovation in governance the world has ever seen. As both an homage to, and a final cast that breaks the mold from which all Western political theory springs, PERSON, PLACE, or THING (PPoT), revisits and updates the OG collage-like image depicting the social contract, Abraham Bosse’s frontispiece for Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan (1651), by building a composite Psychogeography composed of all minted NOUNs to forge a record of the history of the NOUNS DAO, while branding its newest emblem.
In preparation for the publication of Leviathan, the book’s author, Hobbes, sat with noted artist, Bosse, to create a visual image that not only summed up the thesis of the book, that the state derives its power from the collection of bodies that constitute it, but to give that idea a powerful avatar.
Bosse presented a giant sovereign arising from the mountains above a city. Upon zooming in, this ruler’s body is made up of hundreds of smaller figures representing the citizenry, who
together, form a kind of fish scale-like suit of armor protecting and making up the figure of authority. Over this personage, who represents the collective order, is a banner that states:
“There is no power on earth to be compared to him”; in the book itself, Hobbes penned the often-quoted phrase that “knowledge is power”, or more specifically: that the organization and use of knowledge is the base from which power stems.
Like Hobbes, the NOUNS DAO is predicated on forming and testing new ways of gathering. In order to stoke and tease this effort, Dustin Yellin proposes to update the Leviathan image by creating a new
imaginative portrait that layers each NOUNS avatar into one fantastic body emerging from out of the landscape. Much like a yearbook, a ship’s manifest, or the signatures under a document, this snapshot will provide a freeze frame of the DAO’s founders and builders. This all-is-one super-avatar will represent the shared vision and trust between all stakeholders, while providing a rallying banner, an art object, that crystalizes how individuals are more powerful when they come together, and how a community can achieve the seemingly impossible by focusing its collective resources and talents around a common task.

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The previous post showed a rough sketch of how the supernoun sculpture may look head on. here is a picture of a similar sculpture to show roughly how it could look.

These sculptures are over 3000 LBS, roughly 6 feet tall and about 2.5 feet wide and 2 feet deep.
The artist will agree to place the sculpture in a museum or high profile public space, in consultation with Nouns.

one more picture.

we are also thinking about ways that the individual noun holders could participate in addition to seeing their noun inside this sculpture. one idea is to offer noun holders the ability to buy a miniature (10-14 inc) 1/1 handpainted glass sculpture crafted in the same manner.

more on dustin’s work here:

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this is a pretty cool proposal and great opportunity for the dao.

perhaps a way to involve nouners and give this piece an opportunity to live in a digital medium could be to create a collection of NFTs that feature each of the Nouns in its respective area of the super avatar. its a bit of an undertaking, but could be a chance for each nouner to own their piece of the statue. and it’s akin to a derivative collection. the royalty could be an additional way to create value for Dustin.

anywho, all in all really excited about this.

yes. love the idea of a new NFT creation where the nouners get an airdrop or something similar. however, we were nervous about this angle since some people don’t love the derivative idea. If people are positive on that as part of this project, i’d be all over it. perhaps one compromise is that everyone gets the airdrop and also the holder of that gets to purchase a small physical as well.
happy to chat one on one as well if you want to brainstorm on details for the project. i’m easy to find on twitter.

thanks for the feedback. Just wanted to clarify that for this proposal, the Nouns DAO will own the artwork. i would suggest that we put it on display for at least 2-3 years in prominent locations and then we can decide when and if we sell. I would imagine that it would fetch a price of at least $500k if not more.

expanded proposal is here