Proposal: Nouns Life Span

I’m so fascinated about the fact that nouns are being created daily over the course of time. It comes with all the similarities of actual (physical) life of being born, growing up and slowly learning about our surroundings. The concept of being a noun in its early days therefore seems to be pretty clear to all of us. Now this might sound a bit controversial at first but what would it bring to the noun community if nouns would have a limited and unknown life span? Someone would think that this would be stupid - “Why would I sacrifice the chance of an endless life?” - but if we think this further it might be the missing ingredient for a meaningful life of a noun. Now life does not just stop for no reason. Causalities like a disease, an accident or murder do. The older you get the higher are the chances you might die.

Therefore a few examples what could that mean for a nouns life span:

  1. A dying noun would make space for a reborn
  2. A old noun is experienced in life. It has a certain time pressure to handover its learnings (or even rights) to the next generation.
  3. A murdered noun will be big on the news
  4. A noun died by accident or disease will get condolences
  5. A dead noun will have a heritage
  6. A noun might need to reach a certain voting age
  7. A noun could commit suicide and leaves behind friends and family

This is just an excerpt of what comes to my mind what a life as noun could be and how death circumstances could occur. There is for sure much more to think of. I would love to become a noun philosopher over time.

smolt nouns? Great idea and we could have some stories and lores created on hyype as well

I like exploring the idea! How about one in 10 nouns has a limited time span?

Yes. I feel like it should not be too drastic since it can have quite an impact on a real life investment. On the other hand it will create more excitement around nouns in general I believe if certain events can happen like diseases or other death causing events as mentioned above. The global mortality rate is estimated to be 7.7/1000 in the year 2020 (Wikipedia - Mortality Rate). That makes 0.77% or every 130th person and could maybe be taken in consideration.

what if a noun recently came back to life? :nerd_face:

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You mean in person of a different noun like reincarnation?

haha nah, i just mean that my noun is undead

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Ha ha, true. So how may we kill an undead noun then? I need to get some inspiration first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: