PROPOSAL: Nouns in the journey of rising African Artists

1 - Rising African Artists from Ivory Coast are integrating Nouns in their work

Prince Elie is the first artist who decided to integrate Nouns in his work.

Born and living in Abidjan, he’s part of the new wave of African artists whose work is a beautiful mix between African traditional art and vibe, coupled with a contemporary touch full of colors and movement.

Full of talent, he decided to put his skills and his unique style to serve the Noun project by a unique series of artworks.

First by imagining a world where nouns and Africa would unite, into a traditional landscape among savanna animals to fully integrate and communicate with the African continent.

But not only, wooden original glasses so typical from Nouns are worn by kids from the district he lives in to emphasize how important the youth is important for nouns and Africa.

The second artist is from a totally different artistic universe as he’s mixing painting and sculptures in his art to propulse Nouns is a three dimensional project.

He created a unique style to express his emotions and his talent : “sculpeint” which represents a beautiful fusion between painting and sculptures, emphasizing relief in his creations and allowing him to earn some prestigious distinctions.

Coming from a poor background and living in the village of N’douci in Ivory Coast, he likes to go into nature and forests around for hours looking for raw material.

Abdou Ange is also highly involved in the Western Africa art scene and has a unique and extremely original style that he takes from his soul to integrate it in his art that allowed him to earn some prestigious distinctions among them “prix Ivoire Afrique francophone meilleures créativité” in 2001

Nouns are mixed into a thousand years African art tradition to create a unique, powerful and colorful fusion that you’ll see nowhere else.

Mixing the tradition and the Web3 modernity while helping African Artist to get the reconnaissance they deserve : this is the spirit of this project.

Moreover, new promising artists will join the project as it is still ongoing into a dynamic movement.

2 - Nouns will be highlighted through the exhibition of these artworks in a trendy gallery in West Africa

These artworks are not only created to stimulate and the creativity and the talent of these our two Ivoirian artists.

They have a deeper and stronger goal : to help shine and spread the Nouns and philosophy in Ivory Coast , and even the whole continent of Africa and by extension into the whole world.

Indeed, by looking at how great and inspiring these artworks are, Nouns will get exposure from a different angle not seen until today.

And it will spread its good vibes and so special atmosphere to the whole African sphere.

These artworks will be exposed in one of the most famous and trendy gallery in Abidjan, where some of the most famous African artists were exposed.

This gallery is Galerie LouiSimone Guirandou, extremely famous in Abidjan and promoting contemporary African artists and designers.

download (1)

download (2)

And a special exposition entirely dedicated to the Nouns through the eyes and the work of these 2 different artists plus one surprise artist who will join the project will be organized and planned.

Nouns’ projects will be under the spotlight during this exhibition to show the whole city of Abidjan but also to the whole of Africa how it can shine and spread.

In addition to that, this exhibition will also benefit from the visit of a special guest, someone with a strong respectability that will put authority and notoriety for this project

3 - An Ivory Coast Minister will attend Noun exhibition premiere

A really special guest will visit the exhibition and thus put a strong respectability and renown over the Nouns project : an official from the of Ivory Coast ministry of culture will attend the premiere.

This in order to emphasize that Nouns is strong and keep growing overtime.

And this also to show that African art is now a respected art sphere that shines across Ivory Coast , Africa and even in the whole world.

And finally, to show that Noun and African art are merging to benefit from each other and sparkling across the world.

4 - The exhibition is just the starting point : Nouns will be synonym of of an art school opening

The Nouns exhibition made by rising African Artists and visited by an official of the Ministry of Culture is not the end of this project.

It is actually just a starting point.

In the village of the artist Abdou Ange will be created an Art School inspired by the Nouns design & philosophy to encourage and promote artists.

This art school will have two main goals :

First to educate kids and teach them drawing, painting and creation according to a thousand year African tradition and let this tradition perdure.

The first activity for the newcomers will consist in creating the nouns glasses in order to bond, get together but above all feel the Noun atmosphere and philosophy that impregnate the school.

But this Noun Art School will not only help kids : it will address to the whole community of Ivory Coast artists to teach and show them all the amazing opportunities of Web3 and NFTs.

African Artists will then no limited to a local exposition restricted to theAfrican scene,

Nouns wil help them by teaching about Web3 and NFTs to get the exposition and the communication they need to spread and shine across the whole world.

All the artworks from these artists will then be sold through a special marketplace for NFT from African artists.

Africa will finally no longer be dependent on the Western world to promote its art, but will be able to stand for herself

And Nouns will be the main actor of this art and Web3 revolution that will change the fate of a whole new generation of African artists, for the best and to finally provide them the success, respect and exposition they deserve.

Nouns will then be a synonym of respect, power and pride for the whole art scene in Africa, after having suffered and being disrespected for so many centuries .

It’s now time for Africa to stand for herself, and Nouns will be the vector of this art revolution.

PS : a new season of Nouns, this time linked to Sculptures in Togo artist will appear is also to come…

And after that, a third season in Benin…

Pricing :

Artists :

Canva, material and painting for Prince Elie (1st Artist) : 2,5 eth

Canva, material and painting for Abdou Ange (2nd Artist) : 2,5 eth

Canva, material and painting for the 3rd surprise artist : 2,5 eth

Payment for the artwork of Prince Elie (1st Artist) : 2 eth

Payment for the artwork of Abdou Ange (2nd Artist) : 2 eth

Payment for the artwork of the 3rd surprise artist : 2 eth

Noun exceptional prize trophy for the best artwork : 5 eth

Subtotal : 18,5 eth

Exhibition :

Payment for the renting of the gallery : 10 eth

Transportation fee for the minister to attend the exhibition : 3 eth

Transportation of the artwork from the villages to the gallery place : 2 eth

Transportation expenses for the artists : 2 eth

Gift for the minister to attend the exhibition : 3 eth

Buffet & cocktail for visitors : 5

Subtotal : 25 eth

School :

Construction of the school in the village : 15 eth

Hiring and payment of the teachers for the first year : 12 eth

Maintenance fee : 6 eth

Computer : 2 eth

Internet access : 2 eth

Printers : 2 eth

Educational material (paintings, canvas,…) : 5 eth

Scholarship per pupil (1,5 eth per pupil, 20 pupils) : 30 eth

Health insurance for kids and employees : 6 eth

After one school year, children school trip to the Louvre to validate the year : 12 eth

One employee to supervise school : 3 eth

Creation of an NFT Marketplace for African Artists : 10 eth

Subtotal : 105 eth

Management of the whole Project :

3 Managers for the whole Project : one local expert, one artistic expert and one technical expert

3 trips are necessary for the supervision of the whole project :

supervision of the artists
supervision of the exhibition
supervision of the creation and evolution of the school

These 3 trips will last for 2 weeks each :

Plane tickets (9 in total) : 9 eth

Hotel : 12 eth

Meals :7 eth

Transportation : 6 eth

Visas : 4 eth

Diverse costs : 8 eth

Subtotal : 46 eth

Total cost : 194,5 Eth

It looks like a real great project for Africa! I love it, really!

What a great project. Artistic and social project I love it. It’s nouns compatible !!