Proposal - NounQuest: A SideQuest to NounCon


  • Pioneering a new model for Nouns to engage with local communities around the world and foster creativity and innovation in the Nouns community
  • Experiments in bringing Nouns-like models into real life: live auction, art creation, etc.
  • Facilitating the IRL Nouns community to think innovatively about the future of Nouns (in and outside of web3)
  • Event activations include: scavenger hunt, artist engagement, live auction, Nouns workshop
  • A side quest on the road to a larger conference: NounCon


NounQuest, a movement to gamify and bring Nouns into real life. What does the Nouns ethos look like when we translate the principles of Nouns and web3 into IRL experiences? How can we model a new way of interacting with your physical environment built on ideas of decentralization, ownership, and interoperability?

At MetaCartel, we have had the honor and opportunity to organize multiple events, conferences, and activations for the community, to activate and connect builders from across the web3 ecosystem. We have seen firsthand how little things in events and IRL experiences add up to a psychosomatic understanding of the potential of web3 and we want to translate this beyond web3. Nouns is the best friendly and profound embodiment and therefore vehicle for this mission.

Building on the ethos of Nouns, which we believe embodies the core principles of web3. We start with the question of, how can events, experiences, and communities embody web3 principles and bring them alive for people outside of the community.

We have a unique opportunity, with our close relationship with the local Croatian web3 and artist communities to embody the Nouns ethos. Once sampling the NounQuest in Croatia, we would like to extend this to the rest of the world via NounCon.

How This Works

We propose a dynamic, community-centric Nouns In Real Life (IRL) Event Template, making its debut at our upcoming conference in Croatia. Combining a city-wide art scavenger hunt, a public Nouns-inspired mural, a live art auction, a community-lead events-generator, and a ‘NounCon’ evaluation and planning workshop. All of these activations will weave together in a larger Nouns-gamified platform where participants can “Play-to-Noun”.

The output of NounQuest will be a template for other organizers around the world to use for their local Nouns events.

The City-Wide Art Scavenger Hunt and Public Mural create a platform for local artists to contribute their creativity to the conference, further decentralizing the event’s impact. The scavenger hunt provides an interactive element, while the mural serves as a public testament to the collaborative talent of the Nouns DAO community and local artists.

What if we could take the daily Nouns auction model and make it live? The Live Art Auction provides an opportunity for Nouns-inspired art pieces, from the local community, both physical and digital, to be auctioned in-person during the conference. This is fun, while also offering an exciting, real-time engagement point for conference attendees.

The ‘NounCon’ Workshop serves as a transparent and community-driven platform for attendees to collaborate in planning ‘NounCon’, a larger convention focused on the future development of the Nouns DAO community. By prototyping concepts from NounQuest, the team will evaluate how to implement NounCon and prepare the NounCon proposal to submit to Nouns DAO for 2024. We will engage the local community and wider web3 community in brainstorming new models for Nouns that can help drive forward the Nouns mission and generate new innovative proposals for the Nouns community.

Nouns Holders (verified with wallet) get free entry to event, activations, and workshop.

The scavenger hunt, public mural, and live art auction are meant to be showcases allowing for people to see how the Nouns ethos can be embodied, and the NounCon workshop caps it off by digging into how the local community and beyond can activate this ethos to the rest of the world.

To enhance visibility, we intend to enact a press coverage plan that includes a comprehensive press kit, press conference, media partnerships, targeted social media campaigns, live streaming, influencer marketing, and a post-conference press release. The intention of this being to 1) bring more awareness to Nouns 2) promote the platform and model we are building for other Nouns organizers around the world.

Our Location:

We have secured an amazing venue in Croatia. A circular fort built in the late 1800s with underground rooms, also a venue for music festivals. This amazing space will be where we will not only host these activations, but also feature the aforementioned Nouns mural. Please see below for video footage here:

Our Team:

Yalor Mewn - Founder of MetaCartel, Organizer MCON, MetaCamp
Minh Do - Founder of Fantastic.Day, Organizer for BarCamp, Startup Weekend.
Peth Yursick - Founder of MetaGame and MetaFest
Meta Dreamer - Founder of MetaFactory

Our team has been organizing events and conferences in the open source, tech, and web3 space for over a decade. We have built multiple tokenized models that activate participants in unique, fun, and exciting ways. Through multiple initiatives that we founded, we have funded successful web3 projects through DAO and web3 mechanisms through MCON, MetaCamp, MetaFactory, DaoHaus, MolochDAO, RaidGuild, and MetaGame. Our team has played a central role in all of the above and each of these organizations or initiatives are infused with web3 principles and mechanisms that have activated our communities in unique ways. For this reason, we feel confident that we can push the boundaries of what can be done IRL and on the blockchain. And would love to work with and for Nouns to bring the Nouns ethos into real life.

Tech City Pula - Our local partner and social good organization

We are working with Tech City Pula to help Croatia’s local community in tech literacy, community outreach, and education. We seek out local partners in every location we host conferences and events.


The proposed budget for implementing NounQuest is $75,000.

Breakdown of Budget:

Art Contest Prize Money: $5,000
NFT art and Minting Costs: $2,500
NounFest splash page and ticket minting for Noun Holders: $3,500
Scavenger Hunt Organization & Digital Rewards: $7,500
Mural Design Contest & Artist Costs: $20,000
Nouns booth at MetaFest setup + Nounish glasses giveaway: $5,000
‘NounCon’ Workshop Organization & Supplies: $5,000
Live Art Auction Setup: $4,000
Snacks and Drinks for Noun Party: $10,000
Marketing, Promotion, and Press Coverage: $7,500
Social Good Contribution: $2,500 - to Tech City Pula
Contingency Fund: $2,500

We believe that this immersive IRL initiative not only embodies the principles of web3 but also offers an innovative model for future Nouns DAO events. It strengthens our community ties, engages a broader audience, and increases the visibility of Nouns DAO in the wider world.

Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to your feedback on this proposal!

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I love this idea and the vision for NounCon.
Some of the aspects in this, we are doing at Rusutsu Resort in Japan as well - we’re running a Summer and Winter POAP “treasure hunt” called “Rusutsu Noggle Quest” where participants can collect up to 20 location based nounish POAPs throughout the resort per season. We’ve also made the world’s largest ⌐◨-◨, being installed in the next few days, so similar to mural in a sense.
All this to say, I vibe with this concept and I would love to see how the rest of the event side of things is handled.