Proposal: Nounding Partners of NFT Seattle

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  • Becoming the Nounding Partners / Presenting Sponsors of NFT Seattle gives the Nouns the opportunity to build relationships with the Pacific Northwest’s Web3 community and solidify the brand in the foundation of these new relationships.
  • As we establish Seattle as a hub for Web3 innovation, the Nouns have the opportunity to come in at the ground level and cement the brand as an integral part of Seattle’s Web3 ecosystem, positioned for maximum and lasting brand exposure.


  • NFT Seattle is the first event catering to the broader Web3 community in the Pacific Northwest (Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, BC).
  • The vision behind NFT Seattle is to establish Seattle as a hub for Web3 innovation & connect the growing community in the Northwest. We want to unite people in Seattle to educate & expose them to the opportunities & possibilities that Web3 brings to creators, businesses, artists, and communities.
  • NFT Seattle will take place from 9/30/2022 - 10/1/2022 in Seattle at several venues including Block 41 and the Seattle NFT Museum.


  • NFT Seattle presents a unique opportunity for the Nouns to proliferate the Nouns brand and imagery (think, Noggles all over downtown Seattle) across a region that is on the cusp of a major Web3 breakout. A region that has cemented itself as a global hub for technological and cultural innovation, with everything from Amazon/Microsoft to Starbucks and many more having been birthed here.
  • As the first Web3 event in the Pacific Northwest, NFT Seattle will draw people in from Portland, Seattle, Vancouver BC and will lean heavily towards education plus fostering deep, meaningful connection between brands, thought leaders and other attendees. Early data suggests the audience will be a healthy mix between the Web3 curious, and those that are pioneering in the space.
  • This event also creates a perfect opportunity for a Noun O’Clock IRL meetup, for Nouns that are local to the region to come together and engage with the local community while providing Nouns on the Ground an opportunity to execute their existing IRL events strategy, in a new untapped market. Also, by partnering with the Nounish marketing team, our hope is to ensure that this activation maximizes the proliferation of the Nouns brand and influence in the Pacific Northwest.


  • Presenting Title Sponsor of NFT Seattle (”NFT Seattle presented by the Nouns”). Nouns branding will be prominently featured at the Event and the After Party.

  • Live Art collaboration and/or NFT Art Premier that is nouns-inspired, incorporating the noggles and showcased by a high profile NFT artist. Confirmed artists include Jaiden ‘Jasti’ Stipp, Zoe Winters, FrankyNines, and Tran$parent, one of whom would create this collaborative piece as part of the event.
  • As a way of thanking the Nouns for being a founding event partner for NFT Seattle, this commemorative art-piece will become a permanent fixture at every NFT Seattle annual event, an exclusive benefit only being extended to the Nouns. We’ll store this piece for future use, but the Nouns are also welcome to claim it for use at other IRL events.
  • Evergreen Video Content to drive brand awareness and exposure: 2 daily sizzle Reels to be shared upon completion of each event day specifically highlighting the Nouns brand, and 1 sizzle Reel showcasing the creation of the custom mural. Video content to be produced by local media partner Brandtegic.
  • Nouns Branding exclusively featured on each String Backpack provided to all attendees upon entry. Nouns stickers and swag will also be included in each swag bag (provided by Nouns).

  • Nouns Branding prominently featured on Social, Website, and Emails that will be widely visible to all attendees, the public, and reviewed by various news outlets and media partners. A regional PR campaign will be commencing in the coming weeks, and the Nouns branding will be at the forefront of all marketing materials associated with the event as a title sponsor.

  • Fireside chat with a Noun, an optional speaking opportunity where a designated Noun can share a bit about how the Nouns continue to play a key role in the advancement of the overall DAO ecosystem. An example might be a deep dive into Nounder Seneca’s Prop House protocol and how this model is a giant leap forward, within the context of accelerating innovation in Web3.


This is a title sponsorship for NFT Seattle, and cost breakdown will be as follows:

  • $85,000 USD ~ 70 ETH (calculated at 1 ETH = $1,214.29)

    • 22 ETH - Towards venue costs + event production team (labor)
    • 20 ETH - Towards A/V production + other venue related expenses
    • 10 ETH - Towards PR campaign, advertising, event marketing, videographers and video editing. (This includes printing graphics for all Nouns signage and marketing materials)
    • 10 ETH - Towards a co-branded satellite community event e.g., “Web3 Founders Dinner presented by The Nouns” or another community experience event that optimizes for brand awareness.
    • 4 ETH (Optional) - Towards a Diversity Scholarship that grants event admission to select individuals from marginalized communities. Our hope is to play a small role in creating a more diverse and inclusive Web3 ecosystem, by creating opportunities for those that may not have the means to attend events like this.
    • 4 ETH - Live painted Nouns inspired mural/art piece by one of our artists mentioned above (reusable at future events)

    N.B. This cost also factors in event admission for Nouns that wish to attend (up until a pre-negotiated number) as well as an optional booth activation, if there are nouns on the ground available to man it.


  • Seattle is an emerging market in Web3 with events just starting to take place. (ETHSeattle, blockchain events, and now NFT Seattle)
  • Starbucks is entering Web3 and launching an NFT collection (CoinDesk) and it’s in good company among other major brands with a substantial presence in Washington who are either ALL-IN or dabbling in Web3- Salesforce, Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple.
  • Besides SF, Seattle has more tech talent than any other city in the country (425 Business) and it’s also the country’s most desired location for people aged 18 to 24 (Bankrate), making the city an ideal place for Web3 brands to establish a presence in order to attract and retain top talent.
  • 75% or more of PNW Angel Investors are interested in Web3 companies and founders. (Madrona Venture Group)
  • Seattle is the US’ primary gateway to Asia, the best city in America for outdoor activities, the 13th best city to live in overall, and the eighth-best city for raising a family. (
  • There is a growing list of startups in Seattle building crypto, blockchain, and Web3 technologies such as Irreverent Labs, CoinMe, Nori, ArcBlock, Bittrex, CypherD, DragonChain, Luxor (Source: GeekWire)


We’re a team of builders from diverse cultures and backgrounds, united by the goal of advancing the adoption of Web3 technologies.

  • Tessa Mero (@tesssamero) - VP of Developer Relations at Appwrite, over a decade of experience organizing events. She recently co-organized the ReFiSummit event.
  • Mark Robinson (@markarobinson_) - Partner at Brandtegic, a creative content agency, and the host of the ‘Marketing in the Metaverse’ podcast.
  • Lennox Matsinde (@lennoxtakura) - FinTech leader at Starbucks Corporate, Founder of Satoshi’s Index NFT (a token gated SaaS Platform) and Founder of Inyasha Capital (Seattle based Quant Fund).
  • EXP Events - Local Event Planning, Coordination, & Production Company and the production partner for Alaska Airlines, Microsoft, President Joe Biden, World Relief.
  • The Seattle NFT Museum (@seanftmuseum) - The world’s first NFT Museum highlighting everything from educational exhibits to coveted 1-of-1 pieces, and hosting consistent live community events. The museum is founded by Seattle locals, the art-loving and community-focused entrepreneurs, Jennifer Wong (@Jenerationy), the Head of Sustainability at Convoy and Peter Hamilton (@PeterHamilton), the Head of Television Commerce at Roku, Former CEO at TUNE, Advisor, Mentor, Board Member to various startups & companies.

Shout out to our sponsoring Noun @brennen.eth who we’ve been working with on this proposal.

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