Proposal: Mint a PoolTogether Judge NFT

PoolTogether is a fun no loss lottery and savings platform built on Ethereum.

As some of you may have seen they have launched an NFT collection to help fund their ongoing class action lawsuit.

I believe that this lawsuit is an important case for not only PoolTogether but also DeFi, NFTs and crypto as a whole.

NounsDAO is in a unique position with our treasury to be able to support them at a relatively minimal cost to the treasury. I am proposing that we mint 1 Judge Pooly NFT for 75 ETH. This would offer the protocol even more good will in the crypto community and (hopefully) make a huge difference for the PoolTogether team during their ongoing litigation.



I’d encourage anyone considering voting ‘yes’ to ask themselves what they really know about the case and the blanket assumption of frivolity;

Directly linking the complaint and response for anyone who wants to take the time to make an informed decision:

04.19.2022 - Memorandum of Law iso Motion.pdf - Google Drive

Ask yourself how deep your conviction as to who is on the side of right, and whether its worth the associated reputational risk.

Generally would request that we are sparing with props asking us to take sides in DeFi protocol legal squabbles. Would rather not spend hours of my Friday morning pouring through these documents to try to assemble a nuanced/accurate perspective. Off-hand the plaintiff (or class of plaintiffs) have an at-least-defensible point of view, imo, and, if this does in fact turn out to be some public-facing watershed trial that puts “decentralized” protocol ownership to the test against punitive claims then we are all in trouble.

fwiw (given that a decentralized voter base is a part of the defense):


Definite no here. Unique issues outside of crypto pertaining to allegations of running an illegal lottery. Further there are multiple high net worth investors sued here as well.

They have the means to fight this and the key issues are not crypto related – rather lottery.

In fact a 75 ETH contribution here could be seen as highly negative for Nouns.

I am not sure people understand this lawsuit.


I fully support this.