Proposal: Fund an Operations role for 3 months

Hi all, I feel there is a need for additional focus on the ideas and (potential) processes that come out of discord and weekly community calls. I would like to take on a more active role in identifying what we should go after and helping to drive those actionables.

Funding Requested
6.9E per month for 3 months

Focus / Goals

  • Attend and record notes during weekly community calls

    • Identify and help drive actionables
  • Help spin up new pods & processes as the DAO sees fit

    • Due Diligence
      • Ongoing effort with Soli, need to explore options for increased participation (incentives?)
    • Marketing
      • Pitch Deck/RFP
      • Video: what is nouns dao?
      • Process for intake/prioritization and storing past/potential partners
    • Nouns Acquisition
      • Identify group and process for the DAO to start acquiring Nouns
  • Act as resource/poc for future proposals related to DAO operations/infrastructure during this time frame (ex: Orca’s potential proposal)

  • Poll DAO members to identify optimal time & frequency for implementing a 2nd community call

  • Help determine consensus (:+1:/:-1:) and drive actionables for opportunities coming out of discord

    • ex: ETH Denver was brought up a couple times as something we could do, but no one ran with it
  • Explore opportunities to increase voting/DAO participation

    • Reimburse gas costs?

I think it’s a great idea to have someone be on point for operations to make sure the DAO is running smoothly. At the end of these initial 3 months, I’d love to see a retrospective and a proposal on how to scale operations for the long-term in a more decentralized way.

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I think it is a great idea to see DAO members step up and take on residency roles where they are responsible for helping more the org forward

A 3 month trial is a great starting point and I think it will be clear to the rest of the DAO after 3 months if the contributor/role is pulling its weight in the DAO

I like this role because we have so many ideas but need someone to organize / follow up on them to get them from idea to execution