Proposal: For consideration to be added to Prop 70 SharkDAO: Nouns CC0 Story Foundations & Development

Proposal by Sara Ellis

For consideration to be added to Prop 70 SharkDAO: Nouns CC0 Story Foundations & Development


I propose, at the discretion of the DAO (both Shark and Nouns), to be considered to create a CC0 Pitch book and Stoybible for Prop 70. Nouns DAO Deliverables and and compensation would be commensurate with those outlined in Prop 70.


A short form (2 - 4 minute) animated web series that follows the new recruits of a Martial Arts Dojo meets Matchmaking Service, owned by Captain Ribert (Ri-’Bear), a hopelessly romantic frog that earnestly believes in two things: fighting evil, and fostering romance.

Each episode would be made up of 3 parts:

  1. A crowdsourced voicemail from a BHBC hopeful, describing what they are looking for in a relationship, what their perfect date would look like, etc. (These would be curated from a toll free # listed/linked to every episode.)
  2. Glimpses into the training, missions, and romantic interludes that go on in the BHBC
  3. Commentary and dating advice from Captain Ribert.


Episodes and Storylines

Episodes would feature the various activities of the BHBC including:

  • team building exercises
  • martials arts and vigilante training exercises
  • dating skills exercises
  • speed dates
  • crime fighting
  • trying to infiltrate LaMouche’s HQ
  • Ribert’s personal musings and lamentations on love
  • Ribert’s quest to get LaMouche to notice him

Viewer Engagement via Voicemails

Broken Hearts Battle Club will provide a toll free phone number for viewers to call in and leave voicemails outlining their own romantic hopes and fears. One of these voicemails will be featured in each episode, creating a springboard for various episode gags and commentary by Captain Ribert. This kind of engagement will not only create ongoing content for the series, but will also foster engagement, connection, and promotional outreach with the audience.

Cast of Characters

The Nouns provide the perfect generative cast of rotating characters as we meet new recruits, their love interests, and essentially harmless villains, but there will also be some consistent main and supporting characters.

Main Characters
Captain Ribert (frog head) Robert Ribert ( prefers the French pronunciation, Ro-’bear Ri-’bear) owner and captain of the Broken Hearts Battle Club. He believes extreme circumstances lead to extreme romance, and delights in the nuances and minutiae of new love. He wants to fight crime and vanquish evil, but even more than that he just wants to find his soul mate.

LaMouche (lips head) the crime boss responsible for manufacturing most of the petty crime and evildoings in Nountown. She is also Captain Ribert’s secret crush.

Visual Style

Broken Hearts Battle Club would utilize a collage style of animation reminiscent of The Amazing World of Gumball with frequent homages to shoujo manga and anime. Cute, sparkly, dramatic, with a dose of DIY.

About Sara

Sara Ellis is a writer and story consultant who has developed a variety of narrative projects across multiple mediums and platforms. She has consulted for writer and director Andrew Thomas Huang, story supervisor and director Valerie LaPointe, and has developed a number of pitches and IPs with Sam Ellis, including their work in the Adventure Time comics. She was an assistant editor for the sf/f fiction magazine Intergalactic Medicine Show for over a decade, and has a new story forthcoming in an issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.


I think this is a great premise for a show–I really love the community engagement aspect.

I would love to see this type of content included on the Nounscape Network YouTube channel if my proposal goes through.

Hey, Sara, I’m Max and I work with the BBDAO on the Nouns CC0 Story Foundations & Development project. I wanted to share that there must be some synchronicity between our teams! We have actually created a similar experience for community engagement by way of a phone-in hotline to incorporate community engagement. On our end this is really to create some interesting engagement mediums while we live stream some aspects of the creative process of writing. We will be keeping the process out in the open and inviting anyone who would like to give feedback, comments or critiques to call 629-BBNOUNS and jam with us as we go along. The number is actually live and also available by way of SMS. We are already checking our voicemails and excited to be hearing from more people in our communities soon!

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Hi Maxwell. can you clarify what exactly do you mean by this?

Oh just mainly how we independently/respectively have some shared similarities in the way we are strategizing to provide community engagement in the process.