Proposal: Distribute Fractionalized Noun to Active Members of the Community

While there are ways for lovers of Nouns to own fractionalized pieces of Nouns in different ways (ie. SharkDAO, GoopDAO, there has been discussion around using the Nouns treasury to purchase Nouns or use funds to help win a PartyBid.

People love the Nouns, but the price of a Noun limits potential buyers. While other groups (ie. SharkDAO, GoopDAO, offer options to get more hands in the cookie jar, there is still lots of friction and they are all associated with a cost. In supporting the ethos of Nouns, this proposal suggests that the Nouns Treasury is used to purchase a Noun that is then fractionalized and distributed to active members of the community.

With out giving away information that would compromise the nature of this proposal, there are simple parameters that can be put in place to determine “active members of the community”.

Once active members are determined, a window of time will be given to provide the DAO with their wallet addresses.

A Noun will then be purchased, fractionalized, and distributed to active members of the community.


this is a great idea. i am a member of shark and goop and can relate to this problem of second-degree ownership.

i worry about mechanism for determining “active community member” for its potential to alienate new sharks / goops. this is solvable, though, with transparent communication and reasonable “community activity indicators”

your proposal would have the support of my (small) voice in both daos :slight_smile:

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Seems like a cool idea to me. I think we need to experiment with ways that make members feel incentivized to engage with the DAO vs just remaining passive. This seems like a clever way to do just that. The only question I would have is how to determine who the active members. It sounds like you have an idea that would apply retroactively, which is cool. The only thing I wonder is if A. everyone will agree it’s fair and B. it can continue into the future without getting “gamed”


What would count as ‘active engagement’ other than engaging with discourse? Surely this would also open up the potential for abuse as we’ve seen in other similar attempts.

Hello friends, I know that all of us who are here like the project!! What if we buy a noun together in a community way? I already put my contribution and I really want to be part of something bigger that generates inclusion, diversity, purpose and accessibility to the project, through the participation of new members, we already have 4eth the link to join the party is