Proposal: Crispy Nouns - Stage 1

You can read the entire Crispy Nouns Summary here:

Crispy Nouns - Project Summary V0.1

This proposal is specifically for Stage 1 of the Crispy Nouns project. We will use info gathered from Stage 1 to ensure our timeline and budget is accurate for future stages, and redevelop our overall summary according to feedback from the community.

Stage 1 - Summary

  • We will create the first 5 weird 3D Crispy Noun NFTS
  • We will transfer these NFTs to the respective Noun owners (0,1,2,3,4)
  • Each NFT will include an IPFS link to the character’s Blender files
  • IPFS links will also be released on under a CC0 license

Stage 1 - Cost Breakdown


Nouns Assets:
2 x backgrounds - 0.1 ETH x 2 ---- 0.2 ETH
5 x bodies - 0.3 ETH x 5 ------------ 1.5 ETH
5 x accessories - 0.1 ETH x 5 ---------- 0.5 ETH
5 x heads - 0.75 ETH x 5 ---------- 3.75 ETH
5 x glasses - 0.1 ETH x 5 ----------- 0.5 ETH

Additional Below-The-Belt Assets:
5 x legs - 0.2 ETH x 5 ---------------- 1.0 ETH
5 x hands - 0.2 ETH x 5 -------------- 1.0 ETH
5 x shoes - 0.2 ETH x 5 -------------- 1.0 ETH

Stage 1 - Compensation

WALLET ADDRESS: CrispyNouns.eth


Other Information

We are already working on a Crispy Noun 0 weird 3D head and will have it complete and viewable when this proposal is put up on chain.

I think the top link is having problems, here’s the long version:

Crispy Nouns Project Summery - V0.1 ** FIXED LINK**

Excited to see the samples for what this art is going to look like. The DAO is going to need to be very excited if we are going to get behind this trial & the full project’s 600 ETH ask :slight_smile:

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Absolutely. I have more planning and development to do before it’ll feel like it could work. I probably could have submitted this with “Draft” in the title. Also I’ve been thinking about the option of starting with some community / collab aspects to build a bit of momentum first, as well as trying to connect with all of the other Nouns initiatives going on so all the work builds into existing infrastructure.

My intention with this project is to fund hundreds of artists over multiple years and create world class meme ready 3D content. I have a lot of work necessary to prove my self here and Im looking forward to it!

Derivative projects are integral to the future success of the Nouns project