Proposal: Consideration to be added to Prop. 70 - Nouns CC0 Story Foundations & Development - "Sticks & Stones"


Nice Work Films x Ajani Amiri x Frehand Productions

Development Mission -

To create a one-of-a-kind YA animated series that combines world building, interactivity and entertainment that can speak to an inclusive internet age without condescension.

By activating a collective of young, established, and diverse writers & artists, as well as industry veterans with wide relationships and market knowledge, we can create materials for a more ubiquitous product — one that drives value for both Web3 audiences & Non-Web3 audiences alike.

This is an exciting opportunity to create a new model for content development – one that comes from a community rather than an entity, one that can empower a shared view.

In this proposal, we’ll cover…

  • The Team
  • The Why
  • The How
  • The Wordverse
  • The Timeline


About Nice Work Films -

Nice Work Films is a creative development and production entity that specializes in a decentralized development process – working with creators and original IP from all over the world (not just LA) that is often overlooked by traditional Hollywood.

Most recently, Nice Work Films sold an original animated project to Hulu starring Jaden Smith, in association with Westbrook Studios and have several other projects in various stages of development that reflect a creator-centric ideology. They are also producing a limited series around Chicago’s first Black mayor, Harold Washington, written by Chicago Playwright Ike Holter, alongside Anthony Hemingway, Courtney B Vance and Wayfarer Studios.

Nice Work Films was started by producers M.E. Barker & Scott Schwartz. Having produced over $1.5M of music videos for Chance The Rapper, as well as developed, pitched, and sold an original feature musical to MGM in 2018, M.E. & Scott created Nice Work Films as a resource for underrepresented voices across the country.

About Ajani Amiri -

Ajani Amiri Thomas is the writer/creator of The Boy With No Name Animated Series in development at Hulu starring Jaden Smith. Growing up in D.C, Ajani has proven to be a disruptive creative force in the industry, advocating for equal opportunity and access for diverse voices across the country – not just in LA.

Having worked with industry entities such as MACRO, The Sundance Institute, and a graduate of Howard University’s Film & TV program, Ajani also created the first federally funded arts mentorship program in the country to help others follow in his footsteps of being one of the youngest original TV writers in Hollywood.

His artist collective, The Sesh Collective, is a group of artists from various disciplines from across the country that gather to exchange ideas, services, and promote creative industry access across diverse communities.

About Frehand Productions -

Founded by Emmy Award winning Producer & Cinematographer, Brandon Riley, Frehand Productions is an independent production services entity that understands the value of adaptability in the modern film & TV landscape. Brandon is a seasoned industry veteran with 15+ years experience managing all stages of the creative process from pitch to production, working on projects with studios & networks such as A24, FX, MTV, Netflix, Amazon, and many more.

Brandon is currently a producer on the award winning Lebron James series, THE SHOP on Showtime, and was most recently a producer of the widely acclaimed Kid Cudi Documentary A Man Named Scott, Netflix’s Patriot Act w/ Hasan Minhaj, and has several animation projects in development with Boat Rocker, TitMouse, & Straight To Tell Studios.


The disconnect between the Web3 community and Hollywood is not an issue of creativity or resources but one of communication.

By creating materials that can appeal to both the Web3 community & traditional media entities from the onset, we have the opportunity to build a bridge and communicate between both sides. It means creating a universe- a world of stories and possibilities around our characters that can exist both on & off chain while still reaching the widest possible audience.

This has the potential to tear down the gatekeepers of the industry and include more voices from artists big and small –– ultimately leading to a more rich & diverse narrative.


By laying the foundation for a traditional 15 - 30 minute episodic structure, we’ll create a framework that can appeal to both Web3 users and legacy media entities & talent. Building this bridge not only increases the potential audience and access to talent, but also increases the value of multiple CC0 developments to exist simultaneously. If one WINS we all WIN.

Our team will create a comprehensive show bible – one that will include:

  • Original Character Designs & Backstories
  • Themes
  • World Designs & Landscapes
  • Episodic Arcs
  • Pilot Breakdown
  • Season Breakdowns
  • Potential Extension Applications

Over the course of 12 weeks, our team will put together a “plug & play” template for either NounsDAO or 3rd party producers, networks, etc. to expedite a packaging & production process.


“Sticks & Stones may break my bones, but WORDS will never hurt me…”

It doesn’t take a shattered femur to know this isn’t true. Words have the power to wound us in ways we didn’t know. Yet, they also have the power to inspire, to create, to mobilize and to build.

The Wordverse mirrors our own world: full of cosmopolitan busy bodies, social hierarchies, and endless opportunities…for those that qualify.

Syntax City is a place where words of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds set out to try and make it big. To the privileged elite Proper Nouns, to the salt of the earth Common Nouns, no matter the differences, we all know that words are most powerful when working together!

It just takes an open mind and the chance to see the world through someone else’s eyes for a change (⌐◨-◨)


  • A dynamic best friend duo trying to make a name for themselves in the Wordverse in whatever way they can. They aren’t satisfied with just existing as common Nouns – they want more from a system built against them. Whether through music, street art, or the worst slam poetry you’ve ever seen, Twig & Peb (short for Pebble) will try anything to make it big, no matter how outlandish or embarrassing.

“Built In” Extensions:

The CC0 aspect of NOUNS presents an opportunity to open up the narrative world in a myriad of ways. Our goal would be to create a framework that inspires other creators to think of building out properties from our characters and their unique narratives. (I.e. Twig & Peb’s debut album featuring actual well known A-List artists). The extensions can continually bring the Wordverse into our own world.


**PHASE I (12 weeks)

  • Generate original narratives, characters, backstories, episodic arcs, season breakdowns.
  • Activate creative design network to commission original character & landscape artwork based on episodic narratives, potential extension applications, etc.
  • Construct Show Bible for animated series including Pilot Outline & production budget based on proposed narrative and creative material.

Payment Structure: Budget - 20 Ξ

  • 30% upon acceptance of proposal
  • 20% upon delivery of bible rough draft
  • 50% upon delivery of Final Draft

**Following the creation of these original materials, other potential phases have been outlined below for further development & production.


  • Commission the drafting of Pilot script.
  • Utilize collective networks to begin talent attachment & packaging process. (Elevate the project by attaching A-List talent in either a performative or Executive Production role).
  • Create sizzle material that reflects narrative, world, characters, and tone for potential wide market distribution.


  • Production of pilot episode.
  • Simultaneous production of extension assets (merchandising, soundtracks, gaming, etc.)
  • Engage in wider distribution & sales conversations with traditional media platforms & SVODS.