Proposal: Collaboration with NFT Factory

Hello everyone,
NFT Factory is a Nigerian based web 3 company that deals with all categories of NFTs including tangible NFTs: we offer to bring in web2 company’s into web3 realities, setting up standard NFT projects for SME, and brands. Setting up a successful NFT project might be strenuous for startups and brands who are still struggling to balance their everyday commercial activities.
Development of NFT as a service is what NFT Factory brings to the market, we have a group of
graphic designers, programmers and marketers that will be on standby to roll out projects for our clients as they arrive.
All projects will then be deployed to our marketplace for exhibition and sales. We also rely on interoperability of projects in order to push all projects.

The Nigerian constitutional DAO (NCD) NFT

One of the factory’s project is the NCD- Nigerian Constitutional DAO. The Nigerian constitutional DAO NFT built on the Ethereum Network will allow holders to submit proposals. Holders will become part of a tight knit community, hosting meetings and debates on submitted proposals and other areas the DAO needs to work on.
Some major areas the DAO will be working on:
Real Estate

Since NFT Factory is able to onboard web 2 companies, the DAO can execute real life community development by purchasing NFTs representing the products & services with funds from it’s treasury. This method helps us achieve more development, increase transparency and curb corruption. Governing will be a lot easier if everything is on chain.

How will this proliferate Nouns DAO
We believe some of the goal of Nouns DAO is to promote better living through decentralization, aid mass adoption and get more people to be part of the Nouns ecosystem.
We are certain we can help the DAO achieve this goal through the following ways.

  1. Creating a Nouns section on our marketplace, where Nouners can list their NFTs and reach a fresher and wider range of audience.
  2. Showcase Nouns daily NFT drop on our marketplace thus allowing new people be a part of the community.
  3. Ensuring our clients (SMEs and other people) build on Noun. Example of one of our client ‘Country Kitchen’, aiming to create “nounnoun” for food ordering. Each meal will be represented as an NFT which after purchase will have to be redeemed to obtain the meal thus creating a way for their customers to purchase meals instantly ( Now Now). This will also allow Nouns DAO provide meals to indigents directly into their wallet.
  4. Collaboration with our DAO will also help bring Nouns DAO to people’s mind. Nouns DAO will be able to achieve their goal of helping developing countries.
  5. Governance of another DAO. The challenge of governing another DAO will significantly help Nouns to better structure and fix problems within itself.
  6. Added utility for Nouners. NFT Factory will be giving utilities to holder of Noun DAO which will further increase the value of the project.

The success of NFT Factory is crucial to achieving the above goals therefore we need funding to be able to have a successful launch. NFT Factory is set to launch mid December, then run promotional campaign till January.
We are requesting for 65 Eth to have a successful launch and onboard at least 100k people in to Nouns DAO.
Building of website/ marketplace - 20 Eth
Hiring of essential staffs - 10 Eth
Marketing / seminars / Outreaches to SMEs and Customers - 16 Eth
Acquisition of Factory building and necessary equipments -8 Eth
DAO setup and structuring - 10 Eth


About us
Core team member of NFT Factory are Nigerians based in Lagos state and Osun State. We all met during our degree program at Obafemi Awolowo University.
We are not holder of Nouns although we aim to be, therefore we need a sponsor to help us submit a proposal.
We are currently connected with BNB Chain, won $50k grant from Alchemy.

Twitter - @nftfactory2
My LinkedIn -
Website: (demo phase)

We believe the development of humanity shouldn’t be halted because of lack of funds, that’s why we are here to seek funding to help us both achieve our goal.
I’d be anticipating your feedbacks and questions…

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Quiet in here, oops! I did it again.

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I have trouble seeing how this would proliferate Nouns. Do you have any web2 companies on deck for then this launches? Do you have any experience with this type of operation before? What do you mean when you say you will onboard 100k people into Nouns DAO?

I don’t want to discourage you, but from reading this and checking out your site, I think needs to be a lot further along before this type of ask.

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Hello Andrew,
Thank you for your honest feedback, it will surely help us develop.

From the looks of things, Nouns has been working a lot to create a better governing system and with each proposal executed, Noun moves closer to being the best decentralized organization. The flaw in this is that, there is;

  1. Slow rate of onboarding new members
  2. Difficulty in governance since most products and services aren’t on chain yet.
  3. Users find the DAO too complex, and have difficulty interacting with it.
    We believe, if there can be a platform that onboard those brands, organizations and businesses, DAOs can govern better. Proposals can stop being to disburse Eth only but will come in form of listing the NFT of the particular goods or services needed to achieve such tasks.

Yes we do. Pending launch, our team members have been meeting with web 2 brands and businesses to spread the gospel of web 3 and the amazing opportunities within.

Sadly no and here is why, Web 3 is an emerging technology and people are just catching on. We believe if we can dream it, we can achieve it. Furthermore, we are Nigerians, in Nigeria, far from where web 3 is really being discussed but we didn’t let that stop us from building this project thus beating Dogami 's team that created NFT Factory Paris. Such validation is what assured us we are on the right track. As for our website, we know it’s far from par. It was created by a team member for us to have a a brief explanation of what we are doing.

Like I said, we are going to onboard web 2 brands and businesses. We are also going to help them build on Noun.

Nouners can come this December as Santa, sending products and services as NFTs directly in to people’s wallets. This is just one out of the numerous project we will bring to noun. Having projects like this will bring traffic to noun.

Here is a link to our deck to further clarify our project.

Please do not worry about discouraging me, let me know your honest opinion.
We are Nigerians, who have faced the consequences of bad leadership and corruption, therefore we understand more than anyone else the importance of DAO and that’s why we want to keep working to develop web 3.


Awesome. I really appreciate your candor. Can you make the deck public? I can’t seem to access it without the permissions being adjusted.

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You can try this link.

Hey Abimbola, interesting read. It’s definitely tough to establish a new marketplace that can compete with the established ones. If you don’t mind me asking what did you guys build with the 40 eth grant that you won?

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Hi RGB-NOUN, thank you for taking the time to read our proposal.

Yes, it will be tough, but every marketplace has its products and what it’s trying to achieve. We believe in the interoperability of projects within the web 3 space therefore we know all marketplaces will still be coming together to complement each other. Unique features of our marketplace will make us stand out amongst others.

If you are referring to the $50k from Alchemy, this was given to us in form of credits. They are a Blockchain infra, thus the grant will help us reduce cost while making calls to the Blockchain.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to study our proposal.

I will be deleting this post soon. I will be reposting on NSFW.

I don’t think you’d need to delete this one. You can just share the link on their Discord. Thank you for the pitch deck as well. I think you have a good idea here, but I still stand by my original comments. I think this needs to be further along and I don’t have a strong sense of how this could be nounish yet either.

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