Proposal 5: Update Governance Proposal Threshold to 1%

Resurfacing this pre-proposal for final discussion before going on-chain

At Noun 40, the proposal threshold for Nouns governance will increase to 2. This means that any address that wants to propose to the DAO will need to own or be delegated 3 Nouns.

In an effort to broaden and encourage more on-chain proposals, the Nounders think it’s important to remove this coordination cost. We will be proposing that the threshold be set to 100 basis points (1%) which will allow allow any address with 1 Noun to propose to the DAO until the Noun supply reaches 100 (or until a Nowner proposes and passes a change to the threshold).

Note: The quorum votes (the minimum number of votes required to vote FOR on a proposal) will remain unchanged at 10000 basis points (10%).


The proposal is now on-chain as Proposal 5: Nouns DAO
Voting starts September 16, 2021 15:41 GMT

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