Proposal 4 progress updates: Noun O'Clock automation app

Hi Nouns & community,

We will use this thread for Prop 4 build updates.

  1. We have started working!

  2. We are working first on a Zapier app and then after rounds of feedback will work on the integromat app.

  3. NOUNS CALENDAR: We already have an implementation using our Zapier testing app that you can use.

    A public Google Calendar implementation so that you all can add Noun O’clock to your daily habits :slight_smile:

    A new calendar event is created for Noun O’clock (for when the auction is scheduled to end) whenever a new auction is started.

    Public calendar link:

    We will also add proposal timelines to this calendar in the near future so you can track proposals’ start and end voting times!

    We hope this public calendar becomes the official Nouns Calendar sometime soon with all events related to the DAO (e.g. twitter spaces, IRL meetups, etc)

  4. As per 4156’s request, we will also be adding New Proposals as a trigger to the zapier & Integromat integrations so that bots can update Discord/Twitter and whatnot with new proposals on-chain

Please note, due to the Jewish holidays in the next couple of weeks we are going to spend a lot of time afk and with our families. We will be a bit slower to respond than usual. Back full speed ahead in 2 weeks!

The Verbs Team


Prop 4 was executed today and 15 eth was transferred to our wallet.

We refunded (etherscan) the Treasury with 5.417 eth as per our amended proposal posted on this twitter thread and our discord update.

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An update on our Nouns automation apps

  • You can now build your own automation with no-code using apps we built for Zapier & Integromat.
  • These apps are now working with two triggers: Auction Settled & New Proposal.
  • For example, you can create an automation that updates you by email/text when a new auction or proposal are created. We also created a Twitter bot and Google Calendar to showcase what’s possible.

Please play around with it and let us know what you like or what’s missing

Links to the apps & a few implementation templates are here:

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 9.52.37

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 9.53.11

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We have just added another trigger to the Zapier & Integromat apps:

X Time Before Auction Ends

  • This means you can create automations to get notified X time before the auction ends. You can, for example, set up an SMS or email to be sent so you will never miss Noun O’clock.
  • You will see examples of this automation implemented on (10 minutes and just before Noun O’clock)
  • Let us know if you would anything different with these!

The Zapier triggers:

Customizing trigger time relative to auction end on Integromat:

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Hi all,

A (final) update on our automation project:

Live implementations, built using the Integromat no-code app!

We loved building this and hope the community will use this infrastructure to build more cool stuff!

If you have any feedback or requests, find me on discord or twitter :slight_smile:


The Verbs

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