Prop House Mandate Idea: Noundoswap

TLDR: A completely free and royalty-honoring fork of Sudoswap.

Nouns runs a Prop House mandate to fund the development and launch of a new version of the Sudoswap protocol called Noundoswap.

Noundoswap would be fork of Sudoswap with the following features:

  • Removal of the protocol fee
  • Support EIP2981 royalties
  • Support for the royalty registry

The mandate would require:

  • A permissionless deployment of the noundoswap protocol
  • A simple open source frontend to interact with
  • Both to be released as CC0

The mandate could feature a 100 ETH funding round, with two winners.

Too much missing context - what this is is very unclear; please revisit the text you’ve put here.

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