Prop 159 defeated - Why?

Someone please explain, why the proposal was defeated, given the majority voted “For”

Also, if you have voted “Against” - could you please elaborate your reasons?

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Okay, I know why know: because of dynamic quorum explained here: Nouns’ next governance iteration: dynamic quorum — verbs

Prop 159 is an example of a negative side effect of a safety measure we used

I think you should look at the justifications through the discord bot where each vote is announced.

for example


My original justification was this…The original design was to bump the requirement up over time and that part of the experiment just started. Why not let it play out for a while and see if it actually alters anything? Let’s gather some data and experience and then see where it lands.

At this point, I’ve already heard a couple stories of how this has made putting up props much more difficult, not because of lack of support, but because logistically it adds a lot of extra complications if you only have one Noun or one delegation. I think the added friction is enough data already for me to swap my vote in Nouncil if this comes back up again.

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