Open House Nouns @ PLATOHEDRO is a proposal aimed at sharing knowledge and promoting NOUNS work in blockchain technology with children and youth communities that are interested in experimenting and learning about it

Nouns @ platohedro

Platohedro is a non-profit organization that operates as a creative collaborative platform in Medellin, dedicated to artistic creation and experimentation, continuous research on free culture, and self-education. The organization is guided by the philosophy of Buen Vivir and Buen Conocer, which aim to pursue common well-being for all.

As part of its efforts to build a community and promote knowledge, Platohedro created Cypherplato, a study group focused on Blockchain technology and Web 3 that supports the adoption, development, and appropriation of technology in the city. Cypherplato has been connected to other communities worldwide, such as DevCon, and has explored different blockchain projects and protocols.

Open House Nouns @ PLATOHEDRO is a proposal aimed at sharing knowledge and promoting NOUNS work in blockchain technology with children and youth communities that are interested in experimenting and learning about it…

We want our community to get closer to these technologies through playful, didactic activities that promote gradual technological appropriation.

With this purpose, we will work with two of the existing projects in Platohedro:

Matinée project is a pedagogical space for children between the ages of 5 and 13 that began in the Buenos Aires neighborhood in 2007 and in 2019 expanded to the El Faro neighborhood in Medellín. At the Matinée we provide artistic and technological exploration tools for the development of communication and emotional skills for conflict management and violence prevention. Annually we benefit 150 boys and girls belonging to communes 8 and 9, mainly from the El Faro, Buenos Aires, Caicedo, La Toma, Enciso and Boston neighborhoods.

We propose to have 6 sessions of 2 hours each at Matinée where we will develop the following activities:

-Workshops to build Nouns glasses and radical imagination

During sessions 1 and 2 we will explore through play, collaborative construction, and guiding questions such as: What future do we dream about? What does the future look like? What colors, smells and shapes does it have? How would we like to build it? Who are there? How are decisions made in the future?

In these workshops and educational journeys, radical imagination and creativity will be the essential elements for each girl and boy to make the noun glasses, as a magical object to think about and dream about their future. Each session starts with body exercises to open the imagination and prepare the body for creation. Then we start reading a story that stimulates creativity and we start the central activity of building noun glasses, with a wide variety of colorful and fun materials.

-First steps with Nouns

In session 3 and 4, after having built their noun glasses to imagine their future, the children will learn a little about what Nouns do around the world. Through games and interactive stations, which will have videos, audios, teaching materials, the children will learn about the different projects that exist around Nouns with the purpose to broaden their view of the world, dream of new ways of learning and new professions of the future.

This activity also begins with body practice and collective reading.

-Portraits with technology

After the girls and boys of the Matinée, both from Barrio el Faro and Buenos Aires, have created their magic Noun glasses and have approached the world of Nouns, they will explore their nearby territories, that is, their neighborhoods and their communities, and they will generate creative photographs to integrate their reality with their imagined future.

The participants, accompanied by the facilitators, will carry out collective tours of the neighborhood to intervene in their territories with their creations, seeking to generate metaphors about the present and the future that they dream of and that they see with their noun glasses. These interventions will be photographed or recorded with short videos.

The public that participates in the 6 pedagogical workshops are approximately 150 boys and girls from El Faro and Buenos Aires neighborhoods, aged between 5 and 13 years. The sessions are held on Saturdays from 9 am to 12pm. All the activities close with an evaluative moment of the activity in which a delicious snack is served.

Ideatorio is an idea’s laboratory and meeting space for adolescents dedicated to sharing knowledge and creating collectively at their own pace. Proposals for alternative study, experimentation and development of artistic and pedagogical initiatives are developed. Annually we benefit 40 adolescents from Medellin.

For Ideatorio we propose to have 6 sessions of 2 hours each where we will develop the following activities:

-Engraving and do-it-yourself t-shirt printing with Noun glasses

Consists of 4 sessions with adolescents, also beginning with bodily activity to generate openness to creative actions. The creation process is divided into 4 moments:

Getting closer to nouns, the future is here. Have you ever heard about Nouns? Shall we know about them together? Let’s take a walk through all these possibilities with Nouns.

Here the adolescents will go through interactive stations to learn about Noun projects through videos, audios, and didactic material. What do you imagine for yourself after learning a little about Nouns? What do you like the most? What struck you the most? Is there any opportunity for you around Nouns ecosystem?

From the reflections generated in the previous session, the participants will develop a collage with the glasses of nouns to generate the matrices for their engravings.

Once their collage is finished, they print and create their matrices on linoleum.

When matrices have been completely created, the engraving process begins. The engraving will be done on different materials such as paper and cloth. Even garments and bags.

Then we will have 2 more sessions dedicated to intervention in public spaces with the engravings and audiovisual documentation.

To define the installations in public settings, the reflection is articulated with the Noun glasses and questions such as:

How do I see my country?

How do I see my city?

How do I see my neighborhood?

How do I see my community?

How do I see my family?

How I look?

How would I like to see all the previous categories?

The interventions will be carried out through techniques such as wallpapering, projecting, painting, installing, among others.

All the workshop sessions include body practices, reflection exercises, collective decision-making, evaluation of the process and moments to share snacks together. They are held on Fridays from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


The budget for the proposal is 4.643,10 USD, which will cover the following costs:

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Thank you, with hopes of hosting you,

Platohedro team