One Night Nouns - Metropolitan Museum of Art New York

One night, once a year. Fashion, art, history, Nouns.

One Night Nouns” at The Met. An event that unites the entire Nouns community in a single night, contrasting 5,000 years of art with the new.

There is still no official event from the nouns to the community. Yet

I recommend playing the playlist below, and with that read the article/proposal with ambient sound. Playlist.

It is extremely curious, several factors. When placed on the mainstream + NFTs agenda, it is practically non-existent, where difficulties are perceived on both sides, web3 projects and artists struggling to take their work to the mainstream, and the difficulty of great journalists to create good articles about the web3 space. It’s funny because both look for each other, but never find each other. With that in mind, I’ve started following various proposals from the front line, but I see few people visualizing the basic principle, there’s no possibility of immersion from the mainstream, to something they don’t understand. They are beautiful projects, very good proposals, but they forget the basics. It’s naive to think that big graffiti or big billboards will influence people who don’t understand what NFTs are. Many people see NFTs as just bored monkeys, so a shift in perspective from the mainstream is needed for these projects that involve big IRL marketing to develop to their fullest potential. What I am going to propose is a solution to all this.

During the last two months I spent studying and building something that would break this cycle, and create a bridge between web2 and web3, I connected with some people who connected me to some museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, National Gallery, London, Musée D’Orsay, Paris and the idea of ​​holding an event for the Nouns once a year using the museum structure was strangely well accepted and receptive. This is insane.

Because with that you have everything in your hands, you have a cultural space that is extremely respected by everyone, you have material to give journalists to create great articles, and thus start to break the barrier between web2 and web3 and re-educate society that NFTs do not are just monkey figures, NFTs are art, community, culture.

Anyway, it is a proposal that is being finalized, and will be long-term, permanent. Because once approved, it will officially become the Nouns’ annual event.

I look forward to feedback on the above briefing.

soon this will be epic



this is a great concept.

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Love the concept and as a former MET Member and Donor, would like to help in any way. My background is as an executive producer. Lets connect @Art!

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What will the night be like? What is the budget and timeframe? Need more info. :grin:

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Sounds cool at first glance. Joining the request for more detail please :pray:

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This could be really interesting if you could plan it around NFT.NYC. Curious to learn more.

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