NounsOTG + Stoopid Buddy: Rose Parade OTG Activation

What do 2 On-Chain Props, 1 50 foot float made of flowers and Nouns have in common? They will all be in one place to ring in the New Year for the largest nounish proliferation event to date! NounsOTG is partnering with the team at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios for the Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA on New Year’s Day, to help Nouns reach an audience of over 38 Million individuals nationwide!

What will this collab look like? NounsOTG will be working directly with the team at Stoopid Buddy in person on the ground for 10 days during this event. The Stoopid Buddy team has covered all build and production costs for the Nouns parade float during this event in Proposal 73. After multiple conversations discussing how this event could be further bolstered, NounsOTG has been asked to play a direct role in this event activation. NounsOTG plans on nounifying this event in the following ways:

  • 10 days of OTG activations and content creation pre and post parade
  • Full custom DJ set with special guest DJ and his team performing on the float
  • 10 Nounish Ambassadors OTG walking with the float in nounish outfits
  • Over 16,000 Nounish Items to Giveaway including Lo-fi Paper Noggles, Sticker Packs, Temporary Tattoos, Custom Mini Nounish Footballs and Limited Edition Event Shirts
  • Proliferation of other nounish MVPs through Product Placement: Nouns Coffee, Nouns Brand

Over 1 Million people will be in attendance on the day of the parade with a live broadcast to over 37 Million additional viewers nationwide. With a 5 mile parade line, an entire week of content creation and nounish item giveaways prior to the parade as the float is brought to completion, this will be one of the key proliferation event opportunities of the year for NounsDAO. Not to mention the day after the event sees 60-100k attendees that visit the floats to get a close up look at all the details - another amazing activation opportunity.

Proposal Cost: 50 ETH ($67,400 USDC with today’s ETH price at $1,348 USD)

  • 3.00 ETH: 250 Limited Edition Shirts (Nouns X Stoopid Buddy X Rose Parade)
  • 3.79 ETH: 5000 Stickers packs & 5000 Temporary Tattoos + Nounish MVPs for product placement
  • 6.12 ETH: Full custom DJ set by special guest DJ (includes Travel & Accommodation for their team)
  • 7.00 ETH: 10 Nouns Brand Ambassadors walking next to the parade and handing out items
  • 7.09 ETH: 250 Limited Edition Footballs (Nouns X Stoopid Buddy X Rose Parade)
  • 8.00 ETH: On-Site Coordination & Production Management: Aubtoshi & Emma (10 days)
  • 15.00 ETH: Travel Costs & Accommodation & Staging Area for Items (10 days)
  • 0.00 ETH: 5000 Lo-fi Paper Noggles (Sending purchase order to NSFW, no additional funding needed)

To account for any ETH volatility during the time this prop goes through the voting process, we are adding an additional 10 ETH to this prop. After the initial conversion to USDC, any extra eth from this 10 ETH will be immediately sent back to the DAO. Additionally, any ETH left from the Travel Costs & Accommodation budget will also be sent back to the DAO.

Total ETH amount requested from NounsDAO: 60 ETH

All funds will be held in a multi-sig wallet that will initiate the following transactions:

  • Convert the ETH to $67,400 USDC
  • Send any remaining ETH back to the NounsDAO
  • $5,392 USDC: Sent to Aubtoshi for production coordination payment
  • $5,392 USDC: Sent to Emma for production coordination payment
  • $8,250 USDC: Sent to DJ + team upon confirmation of their booking and release forms collected
  • $9,153 USDC: Sent to OTG to order Stickers, Temporary Tattoos and Shirts
  • $9,436 USDC: Sent to OTG to have payment ready for OTG Brand Ambassadors
  • $9,557 USDC: Sent to VSVSVS to order limited edition footballs
  • $20,220 USDC: Sent to OTG to book travel/accommodation

Long-Term Value
Outside of creating a successful experience at the event itself, footage from the event will be used in the documentary outlined in Proposal 73. This additional push to create a nounish experience and vibe will connect Nouns directly with families in attendance at the event and brand new audiences at home.


Woo hoo! So EXCITED for this! :partying_face:


big dream team energy here and feels the culmination of the best of OTG’s ambitions: content strategy, IRL proliferation and experience + physical collectible gifts and a sweetie nod to the project’s dedication to Nounish tattoos – let’s go!


This is an interesting idea but does not have enough details for me in its current form.


-“10 days of OTG activations and content creation pre and post parade”
Do you have a rough schedule of activation events over the 10-day period and a breakdown of venues/ locations?

-" Full custom DJ set with special guest DJ and his team performing on the float"
Who is the DJ?

-" 7.00 ETH: 10 Nouns Brand Ambassadors walking next to the parade and handing out items"
Is this to pay people ~$1K to walk in the parade many would love to be in for free?

-" $20,220 USDC: Sent to OTG to book travel/accommodation"
~Who is being covered at $20K?

-“0.00 ETH: 5000 Lo-fi Paper Noggles (Sending purchase order to NSFW, no additional funding needed)”
Are these in addition to the 7K noggles for Stoopid Buddy for this event?


Since you were not able to attend Bogota, did the Ξ5.5 get returned to NSFW?

I am asking all of this as the Stoopid Buddy prop already cost the DAO over $1.2M

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This is great! awesome to see this starting to really take off. I will have our Fun noggles available for the float parade team, if there is a pop up shop after we can provide those, pins, and other goodies too
Was talking to Chris about maybe doing some contests as well


Aubtoshi there is no better brand ambassador for Nouns and we love the idea of you coming to help activation. For those asking the DJ performed at NYC NFT in the lit up chart bar costume.

As to week prior the float will be down at the Rose Bowl where thousands of tourists will be coming by to view floats and help decorate. A huge opportunity all week to have one on one convos with future nouners.

We fully appreciate that prop 73 is a HUGE commitment by the DAO and we are 100% focused on delivering an amazing float and making a documentary that represents the many facets of the community. We think this prop will extend the impact we’ll be able to have in reaching people one to one which was never part of our proposal and really something we didn’t factor at the time. Here to answer any more questions and thanks to everyone for all the support we’ve received over the past few months.


Do you think a more successful activation may be to engage with a local radio station awarding listeners to walk in the parade with Stoopid Buddy than to pay ~1K a head?

We could even through in $100 and save some there, plus we would get additional reach.

I think there’s a ton of value in opening up to the community for the walkers but we def feel whoever is walking should already be a full fledged noun pilled ambassador.


This makes a lot of sense- loving everything that is laid out here and there’s so much pro-lif-er-ationnnnnnnn happening here IRL and on various national broadcasts (not to mention any possible syndication etc.). Can’t wait for this one!!


thousands of people along the route wearing noggles… it will definitely be a great opportunity to drop WTF are nouns anyway? on the world


From the videos I’ve seen, NOTG and aubtoshi have been killing it with activations. There are a couple things in this prop that really stand out as opportunities to enhance the Stoopid Buddy work. I like the 7 days before the parade as activations and engagements with people so that the parade isn’t just a one-shot deal. Anticipation for the float and explanation can be created. Maybe kids can be given noggles and told to watch for the float etc. Likewise, 3 days after the event as people look at floats seems like a great opportunity to engage people. Somebody offers to take family pictures with the float and can talk to people about it and bigger possibilities.

I trust others to work out the details on costs and how that fits with prop 73 etc. For the idea itself, I think having NOTG w/ aubtoshi extending the event to a 10-day activation around the parade seems like a homerun of an opportunity for an event that the Nouns have put a lot of resources and commitment into…this seems to help get the most out of that with the locals and tourists.


GM all! Fantastic to see all the excitement here and happy to give some more details. I also want to point out that I am originally from this area and if you are unfamiliar with the Rose Parade or impact it has within the community, it is one of the major events of the year as the 5 mile parade ends with the start of the Rose Bowl football game. Outside of the 37 million viewers at home, the entire area of Southern California is focused on this event for the weeks prior during the big prep!

As @cpwozzie has posted above, the DJ is Richerd Intern and his crew. Although the parade float images are still not public or released, I would like you to imagine an area that is already built for this performance. His team is London based and the cost comes directly from their team and includes their own travel and accommodation. They are also doing a special set and I will be giving them additional playlists to use with other nounish songs made by people in the community like @SuperTightWoody! We couldn’t be more nounish with the Noun266 Chart Bars head if we tried!

As for the 10 days, just after Christmas, all of the floats for the parade (which are being framed out and built in a diff location) are transported to their final location prior to the parade which is where thousands of volunteers come to help decorate the floats with flowers. This time period includes full days of OTG interviews, filming, activations with volunteers, activations with normal people who are waiting for the event, etc. We will also be filming with the walk-arounds during this time. Post event, the floats are then staged in a different holding area to be observed and photographed one last time.

The amount for the brand ambassadors includes hiring 10 trained brand ambassadors that will be active the day before the parade, during the parade and afterwards and at the Rose Bowl when handing out the mini limited edition footballs. This type of multi-day on-site activation is a full on production. As someone who comes from this background, just remember that every convention or event where you see individuals representing a brand, they are there for a paying gig. As someone who used to run these events and street teams with Red Bull, Scion and other major brands nationwide, the payment for these ambassadors includes being on brand, walking (skating, jumping, dancing, etc) in a 5 mile parade line, food and beverages during specific meal times, transportation to and from the event from the staging area, additional hours on the day prior during the final prep as well as team meetings, zoom calls and fittings prior to the event as we plan to deck them out in Nouns Brand and other nounish swag. I am fully open to any Nouners to walk around as well and have asked a few if they could attend, but anyone attending to watch the event is having a different experience than the people performing in it and actively participating, which is what this specific cost covers.

As far as the travel and accommodation, the Air BNB will serve as the base camp near the event to hold all items and be the home base for myself, Emma, our film team and a couple of additional Nouners that I am waiting to confirm. We hope this place can serve as the base camp for anyone who is coming and for anyone on the Stoopid Buddy team during the entirety of this event. We also have LA based @vsvsvs who is coordinating the limited edition footballs and we are open to any other LA based people within the community who are actively participating in this event. We hope to have the same amount of Nouner involvement as there was during NFT.NYC.

Stoopid Buddy has absolutely proven to be delivering on their prop and the coinciding documentary. I have been to the studio in Burbank, I have met the walk-around craftsman and have been trusted by the Stoopid Buddy team to see confidential alpha from their News Years Event and participate in production conversations leading up to the main event. Prop 73 will go down as one of the most successfully funded proposals to date for NounsDAO for not only the reach and high quality production, but for the real nounish interaction with real people. I feel honored to have been asked to help with the on-site activation piece for the Rose Bowl parade to ensure that our Nouns national television coverage has the best visuals as possible. Like you said @BigshotKlim I’m just imaging Noggles everywhere and on people in the audience and afterward at the Rose Bowl kids tossing around nounish footballs!!

@Sam I’m not sure why you would post an unrelated NSFW post under your comment about a different event. You are a member the NSFW team. I find it slightly concerning that you would a) not be aware that I of course sent this full amount back, even eating the costs for the airlines and hotel myself and b) that you would be bringing this up as some type of evidence to undermine myself or anyone on my team’s ability to manage funding from on-chain proposals or NSFW. I think my commitment to my current on-chain proposal that was unanimously voted yes on has been made very clear. Working with other on-chain props, such as Prop 73, and finding creative and impactful ways to introduce experiential marketing in addition to event attendance is the next evolutionary step for OTG to prove that we can manage and coordinate these types of events in the future.

I will be sure to make any additional details outlined here on discourse clear in the proposal.


So excited for this! @Aubtoshi if you need a hand with anything, happy to help :saluting_face:


Please do not take the above questions personally.

When I make comments on proposals, the goal is it is to help strengthen the proposal for all those that read it.

Asking in a public forum about what you have done with the DOAs funds is not unrelated at all.

Please correct me if I am wrong but I believe you wrote on the NOTG 6-month pod “tl;dr: NounsOTG is requesting 5.5 ETH additional funding to add 1 event, Devcon in Bogota, to the Nouns On The Ground Proliferation Pod that is currently executing Proposal 110.”

As that was and this is part of OTG, being able to publicly account for those funds in a public forum gives you an opportunity to show how you have been a faithful steward of those funds, reinforcing why you would be the right person for this proposal.

I am truly sad that you would take questions like this as a character attack on you or your team.

Again, please don’t take questions as character attacks.


CAN NOT WAIT! Love this prop and think we need to approve this asap so they can continue making our dreams come true.

Was about to suggest @vsvsvs but you’re one step ahead of me! perfect!

*starts looking into flights to LA

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The prop is now live as NounsDAO Prop 166. :handshake:

Thank you to everyone who contributed feedback, comments and questions here prior to going on chain! I appreciate you @bradq @Sam @joshuafisher @al409.eth @BigshotKlim @SuperTightWoody @vsvsvs @Emma and @cpwozzie!