NounsDAO x Brave - Super Bowl Sunday Takeover


Accelerate the proliferation of Nouns by activating once again in the Brave browser with the goal of reaching 8 million Americans via a homepage takeover that will generate approximately 15M impressions on Super Bowl Sunday.

Proposal: Brave Ads - Sponsored Image Activation

○ Region: USA
○ Flight Date: Sunday February 13, 2022

  • 24 hours starting 12 AM EST on Super Bowl Sunday
    ○ Estimated Impressions: 15,000,000 per day
    ○ CPM: $4.55
    ○ Nouns DAO Rate - Ξ26 ($68,250K USD)

Key Benefits

  • Exposure to 8MM+ Brave users in the USA.
    • 1 in 5 users are experimenting with NFTs (H2 2021 research)
    • 8 in 10 own crypto
    • 71% are 25-49
  • Helps to introduce early/non-web3 users to NFTs/Nouns.
  • Creates a positive experience for Brave users who are used to seeing ads, not art in their browser.
  • For more information on the success of the first Nouns takeover in Brave please read our blog post here.

Why Brave:

As of January 2022, Brave has 54.5 million monthly active users, and 16 million daily active users worldwide. The BAT ecosystem helps to support over 1MM creators via tips/donations, and automatic contributions. Our mission is to fix the web by giving users a more private, safer, and faster browsing experience while growing support for content creators through a new attention-based ecosystem of rewards. Brave is bold. We aren’t just a browser. We are an ecosystem that flips the attention economy on its head for the sake of our users and content creators. We’re proud to have introduced hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, to Web3 through our partnerships with Unstoppable Domains, our native wallet, and our willingness to work with the pioneers of the crypto and DeFi economy when the likes of Facebook and Google wouldn’t.

On top of that, Brave is the first global digital ad platform built for privacy, offering advertisers the opportunity to participate in a premium, brand safe,and opt-in ad ecosystem, designed for a future without 3rd party cookies. Its privacy-focused browser provides users with the fastest browsing experience, and the highest level of privacy in the marketplace. Users have full control and earn rewards through the Basic Attention Token.

Not only is Brave trusted by users for safely browsing Web2, they also trust Brave for browsing Web3 dApps. Brave by default has a built in Ethereum wallet that will soon get a major facelift and upgrade on user experience and utility,aimed at encouraging our 38.9 million (and growing) users to participate in DeFi, NFTs, and more through their self-custodied Brave Wallet.

Sponsored Image Details:

The Brave Sponsored Image (SI) is a digital ad format that takes advantage of the digital real estate offered each time a user opens a new tab in their browser.

The SI is designed to be as high impact as possible without disrupting user experience with unsightly advertising. We strive to work with advertisers that are open to taking an alternative approach to advertising and make the ads that appear on Brave feel less like ads and more like immersive brand experiences.

SIs provide the following:

  • Full-Screen on Desktop/Mobile
  • 100% share of voice (exclusivity) for 24 hours
  • Global or Country-level targeting
  • Clickable Logo in bottom left corner on desktop/centre on mobile

Sponsored Images are served in each fourth new tab opened by the user, among monthly images curated by the Brave team. This means, for example, that someone who opens 12 new tabs in a session will be served the NTSI three times.

70% of Brave users open 4+ tabs per day

Brave Asset Delivery Requirements

  • Background-quality imagery (3x versions, i.e three artworks)
  • Logo/logo type image
  • Click URL (exit event)

Past Relevant Examples: