NounsDAO Liason for LilNounsDAO

I’m an active member of Lil Nouns who is interested in building a culture that works to build products for NounsDAO. The goal of LilNounsDAO is to graduate builders from the Lil Noun community to NounsDAO. Therefore, it’s important that NounsDAO is involved in these day-to-day activities. Lil Nouns is a low barrier onramp for builders to improve NounsDAO accessibility. Nouns involvement is important in the Lil Noun community because of the potential products Lil Nouns builders can bring to NounsDAO. NounsDAO has 721 Lil Nouns tokens. I am proposing NounsDAO creates a liaison position which has the specific goal to vote “for” proposals and governance actions that relate to building in processes for graduating builders to NounsDAO. I’m suggesting that for any and all other voting, NounsDAO will abstain from the vote. NounsDAO would not vote in rounds for Lil Nouns.

Why is this valuable to NounsDAO? It is a relatively cheap investment from NounsDAO for a valuable return because if NounsDAO values subDAO communities then maintaining a means of communication between the DAOs is of utmost importance. If this position doesn’t exist then NounsDAO is effectively silo-ing the LilNounsDAO subdao community.


  • create a weekly summary of current events in LilNounsDAO.
  • available for a one hour AMA every week for Nouns to ask questions and provide feedback.
  • Take notes from the AMA and include in the weekly summaries.
  • Receive Lil Noun delegation from Nouns
  • Vote in accordance to the principles above.

Compensation: $25 per hour. 10 hours a week $250 weekly $1083 per month

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I think Nouns should keep their 10% holding passive and not participate in our governance in any capacity.

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