Nouns x Titans of Film3 event


Based on feedback from the community, we are replacing our original proposal for Nouns to sponsor a Film3 event at this month’s NFT NYC.

We believe Film3 is a massive cultural and artistic movement that is only just beginning, and as Nouns have already enabled some of the movement’s most influential projects (props 70, 53, 29, 32) their presence at this event would benefit everyone—Nouns DAO, creators from successful propositions, and forward-thinking creatives working at the intersection of media and Web3—at a critical turning point in the overall press narrative of Film3, CC0-storytelling, and web3-native entertainment media.


Titans of Film3 is poised to be THE Film3 event at this year’s NFT NYC.

With buy-in and support from many of the movement’s most influential projects (Calladita, Flinch, Decentralized Pictures) and many different influential attendees from the film and television industries, each sponsor and panelist will have a platform to speak about their vision for the future of web3-native media.

And because the event is a concentration of Film3’s most influential people and projects, we believe that each of the panelists will have a unique opportunity to help influence the narrative (in the press and web2 world) and shape future conversations in the entertainment industry about web3-native storytelling.

This event presents a rare opportunity to help define the context of a massive cultural, artistic, technological, and economic shift that will soon be on the lips of everyone in Hollywood—and Nouns, by virtue of supporting past film3 propositions—is already at the forefront.


Because Nouns DAO is already at the forefront of this movement, we believe Nouns should continue to help guide the context and conversation by having a presence at this year’s Titans of Film3 event.

The founder of NFT Film Squad and co-host of the Titans event, Jordan Bayne, wants to facilitate a panel discussion about the future of CC0 storytelling that puts Nouns front-and-center as an exciting embodiment of the future of storytelling media.

Nouns as a web3 symbol of innovation plays a critical role of providing building tools for creatives and thought leaders. By activating at Titans of Film3 via sponsorship Nouns will have the opportunity to establish its presence as early adopters and supporters of the film3 movement. Through a financial contribution to the event Nouns will be provided with a visible marketing footprint during the event and digital branding placement as a key partner in marketing materials. Most importantly teams from prop 70 will have the opportunity to have a featured panel alongside Joshua Fischer to explore the building tool concepts prop 70 is based on before a live audience. We believe the opportunity within the attending audience of largely creative professionals from legacy media to web2 and web3 communities will foster growth and inspire more innovators to build with nouns and pursue their own nouns content.


Coming off the momentum of the Cannes Film Festival (where Jordan Bayne and Miguel Faus, director of Calladita and originator of Prop 53) were given a warm welcome by the international film festival press engine, the Film3 movement is on the cusp of a massive tipping point.

We believe that every major studio in Hollywood will soon be made aware of innovation happening in this space, and this event will introduce the Film3 movement to many influential people within the film and television industry. By partnering with this event, Nouns will further solidify their presence in the revolutionary paradigm by standing as the shining symbol of Web3-native, CC0 storytelling at just the right time and place.

Nouns will also be creating a foundation of awareness within the industry to support and accelerate projects created under Proposition 70 by generating interest that can be leveraged to realize diverse Nouns stories and mythologies in the future.


Joshua Fischer and Kenbot will speak alongside Scott Albert, Garfield L Miller, Will Bryan, and other writers from Prop 70 at the forefront of CC0 storytelling and Web3-native media.


$10k (approx. 5.6 ETH) for one title partner sponsorship at the Titans of Film3 event.

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