Nouns × Manhattan Yacht Club

Nouns × Manhattan Yacht Club -1st year sponsorship



Manhattan Yacht Club and The New York Harbor Sailing Foundation invite NounsDAO to help organize the 3rd Twelve Meter Heritage Regatta. Two great organizations will distribute nounish t-shirts, caps, photos during the regatta.

  • The New York Harbor Sailing Foundation and The Manhattan Yacht Club are looking for sponsors for the 3rd Annual Twelve Meter Heritage Regatta
  • Manhattan Yacht Club and The New York Harbor Sailing Foundation have a vision to build a sailing platform that would bring together people of New York and grow to a big yachting festival in the future
  • The platform can be used by Nouns to engage with newyorkers and create global visibility
  • Nouns would be one of the official regatta sponsors
  • The boats will fly flags with noggles
  • Nouns branded images and videos will be shared on social networks by the Manhattan Yacht Club and guests
    Requested Support
  • Nouns branded t-shirts & caps for sailors, guests, and spectators. Sailors are not particularly good at making cool clothing. The Manhattan Yacht Club hopes that NounsDAO would make cool merchandise that everyone loves.
  • Hire two photographers. Photos/videos will be branded with Noggles and distributed to the regatta participants to share on sns. The photos would create a meaningful online and offline presence. This is one more step towards making nouns a pop culture brand.
  • Cover small part of logistics expenses. The sailboats are very old and require special attention from sailors. Some sailboats are coming from Rod Island.


Manhattan Yacht Club (MYC) and The New York Harbor Sailing Foundation have a vision to build a sailing platform that can introduce more newyorkers to sport of sailing. The Club and the Foundation believe that there are enough people in New York who want to go sailing at least once a year. The long term vision is to grow Twelve Meter Heritage regatta every year and make a week long sailing festival in the future.

Manhattan Yacht Club (MYC) is looking for a sponsor who would help to grow and promote Twelve Meter Heritage Regatta. MYC is asking for media support such as photography and drone footage. Also, MYC wants to distribute t-shirts and caps to the guests.

The Manhattan Yacht Club is the largest and most active sailing organization in New York Harbor. The Club embodies the spirit of openness and inclusivity. Manhattan Yacht Club re-introduced recreational sailing to New York Harbor in 1987 and have connections with more than 32 Yacht Clubs around the world (Reciprocal Foreign Yacht Clubs).

Manhattan Yacht Club has a long history of hosting sailing events and is looking for sponsors for the Twelve Meter Heritage Regatta. The event is sponsored by The New York Harbor Sailing Foundation Inc. The Foundation is a non-profit corporation which promotes amateur events of national and international importance. This is why the Twelve Meter Regatta is an important event. The Twelve meter class has many loyal fans in USA and around the world, especially in the Mediterranean countries such as France, Italy, Monaco and many others.

The Manhattan Yacht Club serves as the Race Committee for the event. This year, the format of the regatta is changed and more people would be able to participate in sailing and watch the event from spectator boats. There will be four Twelve Meter boats welcoming guests plus spectator boats.

Long term collaboration

This is a great opportunity for NounsDAO to establish a long lasting relationship with Manhattan Yacht Club and NY Harbor Sailing Foundation. New York is home to many famous people, companies, and festivals. NounsDAO would be able to promote noggles, tell story of Nouns, onboard new people, and create global visibility.

By sponsoring the regatta, NousDAO would reach various demographic groups international and gain exposure that would capture attention on social networks and further proliferate NounsDAO.

The Nouns sponsorship would help Manhattan Yacht Club, NY Harbor Sailing Foundation, and sailing teams to cover some of the logistics expenses. In return, the Nouns would be able to create visibility and engage with guests.

Twelve Meter Heritage Regatta (Jun 15~18, 2023)

  • Twelve Meter Heritage Regatta is open to general public
  • Jun 15th - Corporate Championship (companies and corporations from New York)
  • Jun 16th - Women’s Championship
  • Jun 17th - Club Championship (universities, and sport clubs)
  • Jun 18th - Father’s day celebrations (family sailing)
  • Host of the event - Manhattan Yacht Club
  • Sponsors - NY Harbor Sailing Foundation

This will be the third 12 Meter regatta organized by Manhattan Yacht Club in NY Harbor. The Twelve Meters are the most iconic yachts in USA and they represent the epitome of American yachting tradition. They are powerful, graceful and just plain beautiful to watch. 12 Meters were used in the America’s Cup up until 1987. The first boat was build in 1907 (learn more about 12 meter sailboat class on wikipedia)


A photographer and media team would make nouns branded photos and distribute photos for free to the regatta participants. The cool photos would be shared on social networks and create a meaningful online and offline visibility

Image 1-2, The final branding for photos would look much more Nounish. This are just a quick mockups.This kind of photos will travel the world on sns accounts, offices and homes of newyorkers

**Image 3. Nouns branded t-shirts & caps (mockups)


Twelve Meter Heritage Regatta

  • $10,000 towards New York Harbor Sailing Foundation (sailboats logistics)
  • $5,000 towards Manhattan Yacht Club (Logo fees and sailors support)
  • $15,000 Media production for Manhattan Yacht Club and NounsDAO (4 days)
  • $7,000 Artwork commissions for t-shirts, caps, photo frames (by MΞSSHUP)
  • $5,000 Nouns branded t-shirts & caps (by fiveoceans_dev)
  • $5,000 travel expenses for fiveoceans_dev

Total $47,000


Fiveoceans & Manhattan Yacht Club

Upon reception of funds, fiveoceans_dev will transfer money to New York Harbor Sailing Foundation and Manhattan Yacht Club on behalf of NounsDAO.

ETH Wallet

This will likely to get a lot of traction after the NFTNYC sailing event. Looking forward to it .

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I want to get most nounish artwork for this event by MΞSSHUP but he is going on vocation from May. So the artwork need to be done in April. There is not much time left for this sponsoring opportunity…

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