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Dopamine is a Nouns-fork with the mission to empower empower Web3 projects, NFT artists, and collectors through the world’s first community-owned ecosystem for non-fungible streetwear. We are homegrown web3 natives aiming to bridge the gap between streetwear & crypto culture.

Inspired by Nouns DAO, our membership structure has a Nounish distribution, and we’ll be kicking off our auctions later this year. Holders of Dopamine Membership NFTs determine the creative direction of Dopamine, in addition to revenue sharing and perks at our IRL events.

As a streetwear-focused web3 project our goal is to bridge the divide between the physical and digital worlds. Though we recognise the growing market for digital-only fashion, as Hypebeasts who tend to spend an insane amount of money on streetwear and [sneakers]( we’d like to,got more money than you!)), we love our physical pieces and really couldn’t live without them.

In contrast to a project like RTFKT for example we are physical-first, meaning that upon physical delivery of our garments, customers must scan a microchip to authenticate ownership, after which they will receive the bundled NFTs.

It’s undeniable that NFTs have unleashed a new cultural revolution, putting the creative power in the hands of digital artists, musicians, and photographers, and creating an exploding market for digital collectibles. This is the energy we want to bring to streetwear.

So we’re taking the best of both worlds as physicals take us off our screens and bring us together through something tactile, while NFTs unlock a new world with limitless creative possibilities.

The Dopamine Team is thrilled to collaborate with Apenoun to design a limited-supply Nouns-inspired non-fungible streetwear bundle for the Dopamine Marketplace launch at Art Basel Miami. With this collab we hope to push the Nounish culture forward and proliferate the Nouns meme and brand across the Metaverse and into mainstream pop culture.

Non-Fungible Streetwear Bundles

The main product Dopamine offers partners are limited-edition “non-fungible streetwear bundles” consisting of these parts:

  • The physical streetwear piece embedded with the Dopamine microchip.
  • The “physical-bound NFT” (PNFT), a digital 3D model of the piece, forever cryptographically bound to the microchip.
  • “Accessory NFTs”, which could include digital art, represent brand loyalty or event perks, or any other creative expression partners wish to include in the bundle.

Dopamine Studio Curation

Dopamine Studio is the one-stop shop for brands and creators to create Non-Fungible Streetwear either from scratch or by bundling their already existing merchandise.

This product is intended to be released nearing Q1, providing a Manifold-like experience to end-to-end collection curation made specially for streetwear. Before that, Dopamine will offer this service to partners on a case-by-case consultancy basis, with Nouns as one of the first partners.

Supported Customizations

  • 3D PNFT Design
    • The media file for the PNFT (that which is directly bound to the garment through our Microchip) will feature a 3D rendition of the physical garment.
  • Accessory NFT Designs / Media Uploads
    • Each Non-Fungible Streetwear Piece may be bundled with additional accessory media files bundled as NFTs. These can be alternative skins, complementary music files, avatars, etc.
  • Collection-specific Specs
    • These will include royalties, distribution strategies (e.g. fixed-price sale vs. DAs), NFT types, etc.

Dopamine will work closely with Apenoun to create a fully on-brand Nouns Streetwear Bundle, with specifications that fit with the Nouns ethos.

Creator Flow

Dopamine Microchips

Dopamine microchips are two-sided, 27mm round, 1mm thick NFC chips with silver foliage. For information on scanning through the Dopamine Scanner.

The Dopamine Scanner is a browser-based scanner for minting and linking Non-Fungible Streetwear to their associated PNFTs (and by virtue of that any other bundled NFTs), as well as verifying and authenticating the owner, manufacturer, and collection owner of the streetwear pieces.

Dopamine Marketplace

These bundles will be available through Dopamine Marketplace, the world’s first physical & digital marketplace to be truly 100% decentralized, curated specifically for Non-Fungible Streetwear, to be launched at Art Basel Miami.

Dopamineland @ Art Basel Miami

Dopamine is collaborating with 10-15 partners to launch Dopamine Marketplace at Art Basel Miami in December in a multi-day event called “Dopamineland”. We are honored and excited to feature Nouns as one of our launch partners.

Our vision for Dopamineland is multiple rooms each showcasing an immersive sensorial experience of the Dopamine ecosystem, featuring merch designs for our launch partners such as Nouns.

The event will also have on-site “activations” giving users direct interaction with Dopamine products and brand partners. There will be a 2-day Dopamineland expo during the day, with at the end of the second day a closing out party at night.

Bundles will be available for purchase on-site via credit-card or ETH.

Nouns x Dopamine Bundle Cost Breakdown (Updated Pricing)

Supply: ~500 (TBD)

Costs: ~62-82Ξ

  • Curation Fee (incl. Garment Design & Development, Smart Contract Development, 3D Model Design, NFT Design): ~2Ξ
  • Garment Production Costs: ~20-25Ξ
  • Microchipping + Embedding: ~5-10Ξ
  • Authentication & AR Integration: ~10-15Ξ
  • Packaging: ~10Ξ
  • Shipping: ~10-15Ξ
  • Operational costs: ~5Ξ

Note: cost estimations are for 1 garment & bundle design, additional designs available upon request and are subject to adjusted cost estimations

Primary Sales: 85% to NounsDAO Treasury, 15% to Dopamine

Secondary Sales: 5% to Dopamine


  • August: Design & Development
  • September - October: Production
  • December: Art Basel Dopamine Marketplace Launch


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sounds cool, and @Oni has done a great job on everything he has worked on so far so i trust him and support this

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Love the idea and seems like a cool way to tie NFTs to physical goods. The branding is top notch. Love the webgl intro page. If nouns were to partner with a streetwear company it seems like it would make sense to partner with a web3 streetwear company. Team looks great too.

Would the bundle be sold at a fixed price, if so is there an approximate cost? From the screenshots looks like a mixture of bidding/buy it now. Would be great if noun holders had early access (only because I want one). Would not be great if I had to spend several thousand dollars on a hoodie (maybe others feel differently?).

Seems like nouns should also get a portion of secondary sales? At that point I assume the physical and digital item have split and we are talking about secondary NFT sales.

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still finalizing garments/costs and will be determining list price after, though i am not expecting prices to be that extreme (would anticipate higher end price points to be in the hundreds of dollars as opposed to thousands)

in terms of secondary market, dopamine is providing us the option to set % of secondary sales, I initially proposed 0% fees on secondary to align with the 0% fees on nouns but happy to hear feedback on this

cool. yeah I think in the hundreds of dollars is reasonable for an exclusive streetwear drop. re: secondary sales, seems like they will be getting paid regardless on secondary so nouns might as well take a portion of that given that these are nounish items. Interested to hear what others think about it.