Nouns X Beans First Historic NFT Combination

Hello Playside Studios,

We at the Nouns Dao community have been discussing the possibility of integrating the first-ever NFT collaboration between the Beans and Nouns. We see strong similarities between these two NFTs and how they can be combined to make something really cool that will excite the world once again like the DWTD by introducing the Nouns stylish and elegance traits in the remake of the DWTD and focusing the project for a new target interest in the proliferation of both NFT to attract more interest and media that will boost the sales of both brands.

nous vs beans2

We see a possibility in the light of the above integration to make history by bringing together the world’s dumb ‘n’ courageous Beans and the world’s smart ‘n’ stylist Nouns. This integration will excite the world of NFT art collectors to own a combination of both artworks. We think this integration should happen within 3 - 6 months by creating new animated videos which will be handled exclusively by incorporating “Dumb Vs Smart” ways to live in a series of animated short films showcasing stylish Beans learning new ways to be smart with the awesome accessories of the Nouns using any story scripts that the experts at the will be able to incorporate into the integration.

This will be a well-fashioned dumb vs smart animation that should gear towards helping people learn new ways to adapt NFT collections in the evolving new Beans X Nouns combo that will help migrate them from their old collections to new collections showcasing the transition from dumb to smart in a stylishly courageous way.

We hope that this integration between and will bring together a historic event in the new and evolving world of NFT with a strategic shift to help bring awareness to learning in a whole new way. The Nouns Dao will be willing to pass a vote on this idea to pay for the creation of the animation if will be willing to come up with the proposal cost and timeline that will bring this fusion to accomplishment.

I look forward to the eventual Dumb X Smart integration of the Beans and the Nouns in remarkably new and enriching ways of learning about NFTs and their evolving trends.