Nouns Wellness App - Pre-proposal discussion

Hey all, excited to be here to share an idea that has been floating around for quite sometime with myself and my fellow crypto native friends/startup founders.

The Global Problem/ Setting

Early research outputs since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic estimate incidences of adolescent and adult anxiety, depression, and stress have risen significantly. The global population around the world is struggling to deal with the loneliness, social isolation, and negativity brought on by continued uncertainty.

Nouns to the rescue

Mental health and taking care of yourself in web 3/bear markets is something that people talk about on Twitter and in Discords, but is anything meaningful really taking place? The importance of being physically and mentally fit during the highs and lows of the online virtual crypto world is more important than ever as the research affirms.

Our upcoming proposal aims to place Nouns at the forefront of helping web 3 who are battling with extreme emotions of a daily battle of NFT’s and Crypto. Beyond this scope we believe nouns could have wider appeal to the global issue of declining health and wellness.

The App

The general flow of the app is as below, following discussion here we will begin the work on the main proposal which would incorporate UI/UX mockups to help illustrate the concept,

Our inner thoughts are critical; they can control the start and end of our day.
Waking up with a positive attitude and clear goals, allows you to face the challenges of the day in the right frame of mind. This simple morning routine will have you feeling less time-pressured as it creates an atmosphere which has a calming effect on your day, improving focus and your overall positivity.

Start your day with a breathing exercise. This simple act gives you time to awake, without panic, anxiety or frantic behavior, but merely being present.

Now visualize a positive day. Face the day as something new, forgetting the weight of the past. By answering the three simple questions, you will have a clear path and objectives for the day. The old saying in life is if you have no goals you will stay where you are. By focusing on small wins and achievable goals for the day you are creating a pattern of success.

What we do in the lead up to going to bed directly impacts how we’re able to function the following day. Your nighttime routine is a precursor to your morning one.

Plan tomorrow today. This process should only take five minutes. Let go of things you might have hanging over your head and plan your day ahead. This helps to stop the mind chatter during the night.

Allow time for some relaxing introspection. Be it meditation or merely quiet breathing. Isolate yourself from people and electronics, so you can spend some quality time being present. It is also an excellent time to practice gratitude.

Always end the day with a positive thought, no matter how hard things were, tomorrow is a fresh opportunity to make it better.

The app will be a journal app as well as have different categories with videos, challenges and handouts to compete from some of the worlds best well-being creators.

This app will be a one stop shop for all Noun holders and the wider community to take control of their mental and physical well being.

The Team

The project would be worked on by successful web 2 startup founders who have been in crypto since 2017. They include

  1. Jarrod Robinson - Ex PE Teacher/entrepreneur who has built numerous successful startups in the software/web space. These include ConnectedPE, the worlds leading professional development for PE teachers that directly trains 10,000+ PE Teachers yearly - He has also presented face to face in 40+ countries inspiring educators to utilise emerging technologies in their practice.

  2. Dale Sidebottom - Dale is a full-time ‘play’ consultant who taps into his 20+ years working in the education and fitness sectors to educate individuals, schools, sporting clubs and corporate organisations globally on the benefits ‘adult play’ can have on mental health and wellbeing. Dale is the author of All Work No Play, TEDx speaker and the top rating ‘Energetic Radio’ podcast.

Successful apps built by the team

The apps below built by the core team working on this proposal demonstrate our skills and connection to the topic of wellness, health & education at a truly global scale.



Jugar Life

We look forward to your questions and feedback as we begin to shape the proposal and bring this vision of nouns health and wellness to the masses.

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Interesting idea! A couple questions. How will this proliferate Nouns? Do you have any kind of budget yet? How do you plan to market the app once it’s build?

I’m playing around with the idea in my head. It could be really fun to have a Build-a-routine for your morning based around Nouns. Like you pick things that will build you up and start your day right. Breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, prayer, reading, exercise, affirmations, etc. Each one is associated with a Noun friend who reminds you and encourages you. Share your results on socials (the Noun hypes you up). etc.

Meditation = Void
Yoga = Dog
Exercise = Weight
Journal = Pencil
Reading = Dictionary
Affirmations = Mirror

I don’t really know what you have planned in the way of UI/UX, but it has potential in my mind. :slight_smile: I look forward to hearing more as this idea takes shape!

Appreciate the reply.

The UI would make sense to follow the same type of design as the current iOS app for nouns with a heavy noun centric approach to all other parts of the app.

As for proliferation we are aiming to have the users start the process on onboarding in the app by creating a noun - much like the noun creation in the iOS app currently. This noun then becomes your wellness identity for the purpose of the app and your wellness journey.

As for promotion, we aim to leverage our extensive online networks in our connected fields that also have a need for wellness resources namely corporate and education. We can successfully reach these groups already now given our current businesses/social platforms and email databases.

The goal would be to have the app used by students and in corporate environments. all over the globe helping to proliferate the nouns in these contexts as champions of health and wellness.

Imagine students in Australia, Thailand and other places seeing their nouns daily as they are guided through various wellness activities and tasks you have mentioned - this is the goal and we know we can do this well.

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Very cool. I think some initial mockups of what the app will look like along with a budget would help move this forward. Thank you so much for the reply. I’m hoping to see this come to fruition!