Nouns Wallet Service (Request for Feedback)

TL;DR – Public Infrastructure from Nouns DAO

A new Nouns service to place NFTs in Apple & Google Wallets, unlocking the ability for communities to send push notifications to token holders and for simple event token gating

  • A new communication layer for token-based communities.
  • Tooling that makes web3 more understandable to the mainstream.
  • We envisage ⌐◨-◨ in tens of thousands of mobile wallets. We’re good at making stuff go mainstream & viral – like our music app Poolsuite FM, our Sunscreen co Vacation® (, and our Palm Report newsletter which is read by over 70,000 people per week.


Nouns Wallet Service would allow users to add NFTs (and ERC20s) into their Apple/Android wallets — the same place they keep their loyalty cards, boarding passes, and credit cards — unlocking the ability to send push notifications to token holders and a wealth of powerful future use cases for web3 communities.


  • In the mainstream view, NFTs are still mostly seen as investment assets but placing NFTs side by side with loyalty cards and boarding passes tangibly demonstrates that they offer much more and can unlock a variety of experiences. To bring the next wave of mainstream users to web3, we need tools that make the web3 experience as friendly as web2.
  • There’s an engagement problem in web3; its incredibly hard to communicate with token holders. We’ve seen this first hand fighting our way to the top of the Twitter feed to notify our Executive Members of new drops. A lot of communities are building their own apps to try to solve this engagement challenge but not every project needs an app.
  • The shutdown of the Nouns Discord opened the door for reimagining what the communication and social layers can look like for decentralized communities. Nouns communications are currently fragmented. And while there are various chat groups, newsletters, and Twitter accounts, there is no simple real-time communication layer that is gaining significant traction.


  • Nouns Wallet Service would be a free tool, available to every web3 community.
  • Every new community that uses the tool would proliferate the noggles and their association with building public web3 infrastructure. Nouns Wallet Service would launch as “Nouns Wallet Service public infrastructure by Nouns DAO”, similar to Prop House, Nouns Builder,
  • Unlike with mobile apps, push notifications are enabled by default with wallet passes, meaning no additional opt-in is required.
  • Last year we built an early version of Wallet Service for our Executive Members that generated a ton of excitement within our community, and we’re confident we can develop this into a fully-packaged service that works incredibly well for both centralized and decentralized communities.
  • We’ve passed Lil Nouns prop lot with 687 upvotes (9% consensus) – s/o Lil Nouns community for feedback, helping us shape up this proposal, and offering to put this proposal onchain.

Funding Request

We’re asking for 120 ETH to design and build Nouns Wallet Service including 1 year of maintenance from our team. To bring the next wave of mainstream users to web3, we need tools that make the web3 experience as friendly as web2 – and we believe these tools should be built as public goods, freely available for all DAOs. The funding would go towards:

  • Web App – Designing & building a beautiful interactive web app where users will be able to connect wallet and select which NFTs to add to their mobile wallet (on desktop: scan QR, on mobile: download natively). We’ll design this interface alongside the Nouns community to reach an exceptional execution of the Nouns brand.
  • Token Integration – Building upon our rudimentary alpha version to integrate with any Ethereum token based community (ERC-721, 1155, and 20)
  • Custom Push Notifications – Creating a customizable push notification system where Nouners (and other Nounish DAO members) will be able to choose frequency (live, daily, weekly) and type of notifications from a selection of onchain events (new proposal submitted, funded, voting open, capital deployed, prop house voting open, etc.).
  • Admin Panel – Creating an admin panel for teams to manage & send custom push notifications & update the text & links on the back of the passes.
  • Pass Designs – Automating the design process of wallet passes based on any NFT visual assets. For Nouns and lil Nouns we’ll design custom passes which we’ll share with the community for approval. For other communities, we’ll automatically assign a color scheme based on the NFT imagery (unique for each NFT).

Potential future use cases

  • Token gating IRL with a QR scanner: Wallet Service would allow for a very simple 1 NFT = 1 Event Ticket gating system.
  • Integrating new sources of notifications for Nouns/Nounish DAOs such as Prop House events, votes from key delegates (Nouncil voted “For” Proposal 367), 3rd party sources to select from (ex. Discord), etc.
  • Ability to customize pass fields to include points/token balance(s), contributor status, awards, and to allow users to add their name to the card or select their own colors.

Nouns is an ecosystem of members and builders working together to proliferate the meme — and even though we have our standalone brand, we hope to become a squad that builds in the Nouns ecosystem. Why?

  • Aligning ourselves with Nouns helps us build a stronger reputation within web3. In the same way we collaborate with major traditional designer brands (big announcements coming soon), we want to do the same within web3. We see Nouns as one the most actively engaged and innovative communities in the space and becoming a builder in the ecosystem helps us strengthen our own web3 reputation.
  • Launching from Nouns extends our reach to more web3 native users. The majority of our brand following is mainstream so this will help expand our distribution and future ability to tap into web3 audiences.
  • We are deeply interested in distributed brand building. This is our first step to embed ourselves more within the Nouns ecosystem and learn through doing/participation.