Nouns Sports Pick'Em! - Before going on chain!

Nouns Sports Pick’Em™

Hello Nouners, we are looking for feedback on a draft of our proposal before we go on chain. All feedback & suggestions are welcomed, but we’ve also added a few specific questions at the end, that we’d love directed feedback on.


This proposal aims to develop Nouns Sports Pick’Em™ - an inclusive community-based game that proliferates Nouns through the global sports community.

Proliferating the Nouns & Benefitting the Community:

  1. Make sports communities and fan-engagement Nounish

  2. Educate and grow a community of Nouners within Web2 sports fans

  3. Create a fun place for Nouners to enjoy sports together

How It Works:

Noun Sports Pick’Em™ is a peer-to-peer platform that hosts contests where players pick which teams they think will win, earn points for correct selections, and win prizes! This global game is NOT gambling. It’s a peer-to-peer platform where fans challenge each other to test their sports knowledge. It’s where trivia meets March Madness, but for every sport and every Nouner. Nouners will participate against each other in fun, easy, and simple-to-play daily contests across all major sports leagues. Here’s how to play:

Our Team & Purpose:

We are Bounty Sports; a passionate group of sports fans who have worked tirelessly over the last two years to build Bounty. Our success has been the ability to build, proliferate, and share our game with Web2 sports communities, amassing 20,000 users in the last year. We understand community building among Web2 sports fans, and we’ve united them through their shared passion for sports.

Bounty’s management is supported by a team of full stack developers, marketing specialists, and key advisors including Bridge3 and former UFC Champion Luke Rockhold. The Bounty organization has the infrastructure to build complete digital products quickly and efficiently. We believe the sports community and the Nouns, both connect people on a global scale and we want to build a medium to combine them. Nouns Sports Pick’Em™ builds those two communities together to play sports more Nounish.

Nick Grossi – Project Leader & Strategic Advisor

Experience: NickyG is a native Web3 entrepreneur and Founder of Bridg3 inc Marketing agency, Rarity Creative inc. (NFT Toronto), TenX Tools, [REDACTED] NFT Project. A true, tried, and tested entrepreneur in the web3 space, Nick has developed an extensive network within the NFT industry. Nick holds Nouns 519 and 543 and is VERY excited to help build out the Nouns brand.

Jess Hodgson – Founder and CEO

Experience: A lifelong entrepreneur with two successful exits of previous ventures, Jess now leads the legal, licensing, strategic planning, and financial management of Bounty Sports.

Mark Broxterman – Co-Founder and CMO

Experience: Current Chief Marketing Officer of Bounty Sports, leading all strategic growth and marketing initiatives. Former Director of Retail and Digital Marketing at Embr, with over 10 years of agency and native product management experience.

Development & Deployment:

  • January 2nd – Project Kickoff
    • Wireframing, UX/UI mapping, techstack,
  • January 23nd – Wireframing & UX designs complete
    • Product development, technical integration, product testing and optimization
  • February 10th – Mobile apps & desktop test version complete
    • Beta launch, app store submission
  • February 27th – Nouns Pick’Em goes LIVE
    • Noun Holders can sign- up and play
  • March 3rd – External Marketing goes LIVE
    • External marketing, user acquisition, brand awareness, global contesting, product and game innovations

Funds Requested – 245 ETH TOTAL

Breakdown of Funding (Calculated with USD)

* Marketing – 115 ETH
  * Content Creators (YouTube) - 35 Eth
  * Content Creators (Twitch) – 35 Eth
  * Podcasts – 15 Eth
  * Paid Media – 12 Eth
  * Referral/Organic – 5 Eth
  * Conferences & Events – 13 Eth

* Development – 30 ETH
  * UX Design & Wireframing – 5 Eth
  * Backend Development – 12 Eth
  * Front End Development – 3 Eth
  * Mobile Developers – 10 Eth

* Platform Management – 12 ETH
  * Content Manager – 6 Eth
  * Community Support – 3 Eth
  * Technical Support – 3 Eth

* Platform Maintenance & Improvements – 15 ETH

* Prizes & Free Player Credit – 73 Eth
  * F2P Prizes – 25 Eth
  * Free Credit (P2P Game) – 38 Eth

Marketing & Continuation Plan

Noun Sports Pick’Em™ will proliferate the Nouns and captivate a Web2 sports audience through a multitude of marketing channels. Diversity in strategy ensures the diversity of the audience and maximum reach of the Nouns community. The marketing budget was determined so that Noun Sports Pick’Em™ can acquire 10,000 users in its first year and reach a total audience of over 10,000,000 sports fans globally. The campaigns will also include several Web3 influencers, events, and channels to acquire sports fans within the Web3 community as well. Marketing strategies include the following:

Influencers (YouTube & Twitch) - We will work with a vast network of YouTube / Twitch streamers (primarily e-sports and sporting news content creators) to promote Nouns Sports Pick’Em™ and migrate their audiences to the platform

  • Paid Media – We will run targeted interactive media ads via ad publishing networks
  • Podcasts – We will partner and become a staple on various sports centric and NFT-focused podcasts to grow the Nouns Sports Pick’Em™ brand reach and total impressions
  • Referral/Organic – We will develop a robust referral program, where Nouners and new players can refer their networks to earn game credits, prizes, tickets, and more
  • Conferences & Events – We will be an active participant at various NFT and Sports conferences alike, to deliver on the ground promotion of Nouns Sports Pick’Em™

Nouns Sports Pick’Em™ generates revenue by taking a 10% rake on paid contests, which allows the game to operate in perpetuity. Revenue generated will fund prizing and marketing in Year 2, and beyond. All excess funds will be used towards purchasing Nouns and other relevant sports NFTs, which will be layered in as additional prizes within the game. Bounty Sports is also committed to sponsoring other Nouners’ projects to grow our own game and re-invest in the Noun community.

FAQ About Proposal

Q: Is this sports betting?

A: No! This game format is considered a “game of skill” and viewed as fantasy sports by regulators. There is no “house”, and all contests are run as peer-to-peer competitions. In essence, it’s a form of sports trivia.

Q: Is this a free-to-play (FTP) or pay-to-play (P2P) game?

A: Both. To be inclusive and ensure everyone can play, the F2P game will be available globally. We will also offer a P2P game for users that want to compete with their own currency to win cash prizes.

Q: How is the game monetized?

A: The F2P game is not monetized, it’s FREE! The P2P game takes a 10% commission on the prize pool. For example: 100 users @ Ξ 0.10 = Ξ 9.00 prize pool + Ξ 1.00 commission to Nouns Sports Pick’Em™. The commissions will go towards funding future F2P prizes and marketing, so the game will run in perpetuity!

Q: Will the game accept crypto deposits & withdrawals?

A: Of course!

Q: Is this a Web2 game or a Web3 game?

A: This is a Web2 game. You don’t need a Noun or any other NFT to sign-up and play. The objective is to capture a widescale Web2 sports audience, as well as sports fans in Web3, and educate them on the Nouns.

Q: How do you build the Nouns name among Web2 users?

A: The Nouns Sports Pick’Em™ will be marketed to a Web2 audience through traditional marketing channels. Once on the platform, user engagement will be optimized to educate users. The game will leverage, giveaways, gamification, and regular communication to bring attention to the Nouns community.

Q: Will Bounty integrate its existing audience into the Noun Sports Pick’Em™?

A: Yes! Bounty has 20,000 active players. Through the F2P game, they’ll have opportunities to win prizes, and be directed to the Nouns ecosystem.

Q: What will Luke Rockhold’s involvement be on this project?

A: Bounty has unlimited worldwide use of Luke’s name, image, and likeness. We will leave it to the Nouns community to decide if, when, and how they’d like to leverage this resource within the project.

Our Questions To The Nouns!

  • Do you feel the mockups capture the Nouns brand identity?
  • Are there any marketing channels we’ve overlooked, or you think should have more of an emphasis?
  • What prizes in the free-to-play App would be most compelling for the community?
  • What would the Nouns like to see in the quarterly performance reports?

This is dope! Big fan of sports and would def use this :slight_smile:

Any issues with using official NFL or sports logos/teams etc?

Could we do an mvp of the gameplay via a discord or cheaper? Thinking if this could be broken down into steps for building out or it has t be all in.

Great stuff, looking forward to seeing where this goes! ⌐◨-◨


Yeah! Definitely can. They already have their own app so for them it’s basically rebuilding their app for the nouns. They also have 20k users already so the pools for playing would be mixed but nouns would have their own platform.

I loved it when I spoke to them about it and it was so exciting to be a bridge for sports gaming into web3!

They have all necessary licenses also so there wouldn’t be any hold up. Just development and marketing (which their marketing department would handle) along with my company Bridg3 to help on the web3 side!


Mannnn that’s AWESOME!


yeah super excited for this! But i wanted to get the feedback from everyone before going on chain because we want to include everyones feedback and opinions in the build. so any specifics or anything that should be included can be included.

Hey NickyG, great to see you over here. The idea is cool. I like the web2 sports fan to web3 intro vibe you are working on. I also think the model that sets out to be self-sustaining in year 2 is important for potential voters to see. I have a couple thoughts about the prop and then one about the current climate.

On the idea, when I read this I see a sports fantasy game with some Nouns branding…obviously the name and some Noun images, etc. Is there something more that I’m missing or anything more in the works…what I’m thinking is you mentioned something like “learning about Nouns” is that just via the name and branding? Lots of Nouners are going to ask, “but how will anyone be brought into or converted into Nouns?” So, maybe I missed it and you are already thinking this but could prizes be entry level nouniverse NFTs? Could you pair up with nounba guys at least for hoops? I think whether it’s prizes or some other way, I’d encourage you to think about that aspect. I realize if it’s web2 folks prizes as NFTs may be hard. But…think about it. I think it will be a big deal to get support for this kind of prop. Happy to ideate with you a bit if helpful.

The second thing about the prop is that the 115 ETH for marketing is going to be tough for most to swallow. I think that either needs crazy good explanation with details and your team’s chops or it needs to come way down. (Hope you don’t mind frank critique!)

On the Nouns prop climate: Have you been following closely what’s going on and do you have a feel for what’s happening with different discussions of “spending freezes” and very conservative approaches to props…kind of like if it’s not a hell, hell yes it’s a no? If so, I think that’s really going to play in here. If you aren’t keyed into the climate, I’d be happy to chat more. Either way, I think this prop will have a very tough time right now–not because it’s a bad idea or a bad prop. I think the prop is written well. I think the idea has lots of merit…maybe needs a little development in some areas, but the foundation is there. But 200K for a fantasy sports interactive app I don’t think is likely to get a lot of traction right now. May change quickly, may not…who knows right now!

I don’t mean that to be discouraging. I just feel like we all need to talk honestly about these things so every builder has a great experience in Nouns and doesn’t get caught off guard or discouraged.

Woody mentioned it, but the question about whether this could start out much smaller is worth investigating but it feels like Prop House is probably too small…so not sure what to recommend there.

I’ll stop there. Let me know thoughts and we could talk more if desired. Also see if others chime in with thoughts…Thanks for the work you’ve already put into this. I’m a sports fan and could see giving it a shot.


Definitely always a good thing to find bridges from web2 to web3. I deal with “normie” web2 gamers all the time, and they don’t see a lot of the things we see over here. It’s up to web3 devs and projects to create things that are immediately useful to them, and I see this project doing just that. Awesome stuff.


This idea seems well thought out, would love to see these extended to esports that nouns esports participates in. Seems like a lot of potential for a partnership would be possible.


Thanks so much for the thoughtful response here bradq! I’m the Founder of Bounty and leading the project from the Web2 end of things, with NickyG leading the Web3 end of things. Your insights are extremely valuable to us and we appreciate you taking the time to detail your thoughts here. A few of your questions / concerns we’ve already started considering ourselves, while others brought up some great new ideas for us. I’ll do my best to articulate and address your points below:

Converting web2 users to the Nouns: Our general hypothesis is that sports casts a wide net spanning many cultures, countries, demographics, and subsections of society, and a sports-centric game is a great way to get large groups of traditional web2 audiences into one place in a fun, positive, dynamic way. Once they are there, I think you correctly ask what specifically we are going to do to drive them to the Nouns ecosystem. In terms of the user journey, we plan on building an entire section of the app dedicated to the Nouns. Here, this will essentially be a “encyclopedia” center entirely dedicated to educating users about who / what the Nouns are, what / how the DAO works, NFT’s as a whole and ways they can get involved. There will be redirects directly to the Nouns native website and “how to” instructional pages on everything from what an NFT is to how to get a crypto wallet.

Additionally, we will be integrating in-app popups that will feature a “fact of the day / week” pertaining to the Nouns / NFT’s in general. We also plan on having a specific weekly contest where any player can win an NFT and will provide guidance / concierge level service to help winners collect their prize. Users will get to vote on the NFT prize, giving them their first experience in the Nouns DAO voting process. I think we can all agree that many web2 “normies” simply don’t know where to begin when learning about the web3 space, and through the Nouns ecosystem, we want game to play a part in introducing them to this space in a non-threatening, digestible way and see this project as a great way to accomplish that objective.

RE: the 115 ETH marketing budget, totally appreciate your sentiment here and agree with you that 115 ETH is a big commitment. In our Prop, we’ll be providing an extensive breakdown of exactly where those funds will be used (campaign types, cost per milles, total impressions, expected conversion rates) by channel so voters have complete transparency here. We believe getting 10,000 players on the platform will be critical to the long-term success of the project, and based on validated market testing of a $15 CAC, we anticipate this will require 115ETH In marketing.

We’re going to make some revisions to the prop based on the feedback you and other have provided here which we hope will address some of these concerns, but in addition to that we’d love to get on a call with you to talk through these ideas further if you had the time! Really appreciate your candid thoughts on this project, it means a lot.

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Thanks for your reply, Mantis! I couldn’t agree more. I believe sports is one of the easiest ways to migrate “normies” because:

  1. It builds communities across cultures, countries, demographics, and of course Web2 and Web3 audiences.
  2. It’s easy to understand and digest, especially for people who have never had experience with Web3
  3. There are a TON of partnership opportunities with existing Web3 sports-based projects to help bolster this idea and proliferate the Nouns

So much can be done!

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Mach, I couldn’t agree more. We’re definitely looking to integrate existing projects within the Nouns community to help bolster the project. E-sports is a huge focus for us (it transcends both Web2 and Web3 communities, with so much potential for shared growth). I think we need to do a better job outlining this in our prop… I really appreciate the constructive feedback!


Great breakdown here! Thank you, Brad lets set up a call to get all of your thoughts and opinions on what we should do (already reached out)

And Anyone else that would like to chat we should! Maybe get Jess and Myself on a Nouns Square spaces to discuss more.

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Been talking with the E Sports guys. We should dive more into this for sure!


hey, would you like to connect on Discord bradq3957 or Twitter iambradq ?


Discord request sent! Look forward to connecting!


We are live and on chain. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE FEEDBACK!